MIL-OSI United Kingdom: TUV announce East Londonderry candidate Jordan Armstrong who receives backing from Cllr James McCorkell


Source: Traditional Unionist Voice – Northern Ireland

TUV have announced that Afghanistan veteran Jordan Armstrong, their party chairman will be the party’s East Londonderry candidate in the upcoming Assembly election.

Commenting on his announcement Mr Armstrong said:

“In our centenary year the Protocol is threatening the very existence of Northern Ireland within the UK. I felt obligated to put myself forward for this election, to fight for its complete removal and to provide a strong voice for the people of East Londonderry.

“In 2008 I served in Afghanistan with the 1st Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment where I saw first hand the brutality of war. This changed my outlook in life significantly and I can relate to many of the struggles ex-soldiers face today. Sadly, there is still no military covenant implemented here in Northern Ireland. If elected this is one subject I will fight for movement on. Our service men and women deserve the same treatment as those in other parts of the UK.

“I currently work as a production supervisor in the manufacturing industry and understand the challenges faced by business.

“I’m also a family man, married and have four children. I understand many of the pressures other families face on a daily basis.

“I achieved a First-class honours degree in Business Administration at the University of Ulster in recent years and I am passionate about educational underachievement, particularly among working class Protestant boys. The steady decline can no longer continue and it’s unfortunate those in Stormont have done little to nothing about this situation.

“I have a real love for the band season and I thoroughly enjoying parading with my local band, Edenmore Flute. The band scene is a unique part of the tapestry in Northern Ireland and is constantly under threat from those who while loudly demanding respect for their identity seek to eradicate expressions of other cultures. The constant attacks on loyalist culture must be robustly opposed at every opportunity.

“As I enter this election, I firmly believe that there is a seat in East Londonderry for the TUV, the recent polls shows clearly that people believe the TUV is offering a viable alternative. It’s time to put this constituency back on the political map and elect a voice that is determined to fight and deliver for a constituency which  offers so much potential.”

Commenting on the announcement Cllr James McCorkell said:

“I have recently got to know Jordan when he came to visit me after I went through an operation in the summer. He’s a sound family man with good principles and I feel he’s a man that can make a difference. A difference in politics and more importantly, a difference in the lives of the people of Limavady and indeed East Londonderry. He has a drive and a desire to do good. While still young, Jordan has significant experience in life and I have no doubt he can use that experience to lead the people he desires to represent at Assembly level. While it is no secret that I no longer have any affinity for a Stormont that embraces and concedes to the Republican movement. I do feel that Jordan Armstrong has the right mindset and desire to fight for the people. I for one will be giving him the best chance to do just that.”

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