MIL-OSI Asia-Pac: Art programme marks 60th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea


Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Themed ‘Legendary and Future’, the event aimed to honour the bravery, strong will and determination of those who joined the strategic military transport route – the Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea – and fought for the liberation of the South and reunification of the country.

Songs and dances within the programme praised the achievements and feats of arms of the Vietnamese naval forces, particularly those of the veterans from the “unnumbered ships” on the sea trail.

The performances also highlight the close bond between the rear and the frontline during wartime as well as the great national solidarity in the national construction and development.

The Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea was established on October 23, 1961, to transport weapons, supplies and people from the north to the south of Vietnam during the anti-US war, contributing to the people’s efforts to defeat the US imperialists and liberate the south towards reunifying the country.

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