MIL-OSI Submissions: Russia – Telegram Bot for Real Estate Monitoring has Been Launched in Russia


Source: Department of Information Technologies of Moscow

The State Inspectorate for Real Estate of Moscow has launched the “” Telegram chat-bot. The purpose of the service is to help citizens in different life situations, for example, to warn them about unauthorized construction when buying or leasing land, buildings, rooms on the premises.  

Chatbot is easy to use, responsive and works 24/7. Through the new chat-bot, users quickly receive the necessary information about the legality of the use of a land plot or a capital construction site, without visits and written requests to the State Inspectorate for Real Estate.

Since the beginning of the year the department identified about a thousand sites of unauthorized construction. This service is useful for citizens and businesses alike to avoid buying or renting an illegal facility. Since the launch of the “”, in a little more than a month, over 3.5 thousand appeals have been received.

In order to install the Telegram messenger, find a bot called “” in the search bar, press “Start” and enter the cadastral number of the site. After that, the bot takes a minute to check the site and provide the user with an answer: “There is an unauthorized construction object on this site” or “Capital construction objects and land plots were not found for this cadastral number.” In case the bot indicates that “there is no information on the presence/absence of an unauthorized construction object”, a person can contact the Inspectorate by e-mail.

A physical or legal entity, who illegally built a structure, has no right to sell, rent, bequeath, etc. Even if any transactions have already been made with such property, they are recognized as invalid.

The State Inspectorate for Real Estate controls the use of non-residential municipally-owned property in Moscow, such property is targeted by the bot.

The “” Telegram chat-bot was created jointly with the Moscow Department of Information Technologies.

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