MIL-OSI Australia: Labor welded to Greens’ shameful attack on mining jobs


Source: State of Tasmania Government

12 October 2021

Guy Barnett, Minister for Resources

Today in Parliament, Labor’s purported ‘Economic Development’ spokesperson Mr Winter supported one of the most blatantly anti-development motions ever brought before the Parliament.

The Labor Party – desperate to find something else to do rather than fight each other – have shamefully supported the Greens’ disgraceful attack today on Tasmanian jobs, the West Coast community, and the mining industry more broadly.

Once again, Labor have welded themselves to the Greens’ anti-jobs, anti-everything approach.

Tasmanians will never forget the 10,000 jobs that were lost under the last Labor-Green government.

Today’s shameful performance by Mr Winter and Labor shows that given half a chance, Labor would do another deal with the Greens, in a heartbeat.

At a time that the Greens are pulling no confidence stunts in the Parliament – gleefully egged on by Mr Winter and Labor – in the real world Tasmania’s businesses are the most confident in the country.

In contrast to Labor’s current state of shambolic chaos, this majority Liberal Government is getting with the job of delivering our strong plan to secure Tasmania’s future – and it’s working.