MIL-OSI USA: Barrasso on Fox News Sunday Discusses Democrats’ Reckless Spending Bill


US Senate News:

Source: United States Senator for Wyoming John Barrasso
CASPER, WY – U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to discuss the Democrats’ reckless spending bill and how Americans feel less safe under the Biden administration.
Below are key excerpts of the interview:
On Pres. Biden Surrendering to Radical Wing of Democrat Party:
“What we are seeing is like watching an episode of the Twilight Zone. I thought Joe Biden went to the Hill on Friday to get the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed and instead, he surrendered to the radical wing of his party.
“Now, you have this big government, socialism, reckless spending bill being used to hold hostage the things the American people want – roads, bridges, highways, all of those things.
“When that bipartisan bill passed a 50/50 Senate, and had 69 votes, it had a lot of momentum on its side. In any kind of a normal world, that would’ve been signed into law by the president. This was two months ago. This was before Afghanistan when the president lost a lot of political muscle.
“Now we’re at a point where the president is weak and Bernie Sanders and the far-left Democrats are driving the bus and Joe Biden is just along for the ride.”
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On Democrats’ Reckless Spending Bill:
“On this $3.5 trillion infrastructure proposal that the Democrats are focusing on right now with trillions of dollars of increased taxes and trillions of dollars of increased debt. Every Republican is united against it.
“We are a party that wants to grow the economy, the Democrats are a party that wants to grow the government. They are continuing to try to mislead the public by saying it is free. It is not free.
“Cedric said inflation will go down. People are feeling the bite of inflation right now when they buy groceries, buy gas, all of those things.
“If this passes, this massive spending and tax bill, that inflation is going to get much worse.”
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On Provision that Gives IRS Power to Spy on Americans’ Bank Accounts:
“As any member of the Senate or of Congress, you have to look at the entire bill and say are you for the bill or not.
“I would point out the Democrats are not talking to Republicans on any of these things. Bernie Sanders said ‘48 people ought to be able to overrule two,’ but there are actually 100 members of the Senate. It’s 52 against a number of things the Democrats are proposing here.
“And the content of this bill matters almost as much, if not more, than the cost.
“I have gotten more letters in the last two weeks on one component of this. Which is the issue of giving a whole new army of IRS agents the power to rifle through your checking account to look at any check you deposited or write for over $600.
“This is an invasion of privacy. Every senator is hearing about this. That is included as well.
“When you take a look at the entire bill – which is why Joe Manchin said it is time for a strategic pause – it looks like there may be a long pause on both the real infrastructure bill and this big-spending blowout bill.”
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On How Americans Feel Less Safe Under Biden Administration:
“Joe Biden ran as a centrist and as competent. We are seeing that he is neither. People across the country are feeling less safe with Joe Biden as a president.
“Their paychecks are less safe because of inflation. When you look at hundreds of thousands of people illegally coming to the country every month, they feel less safe. When the generals testify, as they did, that we are less safe to terrorism.
“Joe Biden has now walked the plank for the socialist Bernie Sanders’ budget. He is man overboard and he can’t swim. He is sinking.”
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