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Posted on September 28, 2021

In the canton of Vaud, average health insurance premiums in 2022 will drop slightly, by -30 cents per month. Given their excess premiums from previous years and very comfortable reserves, some insurers should have offered lower premiums in the canton. Nationally, reserves continued to grow; an 11% increase in excess reserves is recorded.

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In 2022, the average premiums for basic health insurance, all models, age groups and deductibles combined, will decrease very slightly in the canton of Vaud: -0.1% overall. This average decrease corresponds to -30 cents per month.

According to the insurers, there are significant differences compared to the evolution of standard premiums. The standard premiums for adults in region 1 (districts of the Lake Geneva region), for example, vary between a drop of -8.0% (Agrisano) and an increase of + 3.2% (Sanitas). Most of the major insurers (more than 10,000 policyholders) offer either stability compared to 2021 adult premiums (Mutuel assurance, CSS, Avenir, Supra, and Swica), or a decrease (Helsana, Philos, KPT, Visana or Arcosana) ). Only Assura, Concordia, Sana24 and Sanitas increase their premiums. The situation could therefore have been even more favorable if, given their excess premiums from previous years and very comfortable reserves, some insurers had offered slightly lower 2022 premiums in the canton of Vaud.

Excess premiums and sharp increase in reserves

For the third year in a row, the canton of Vaud has a surplus in premiums in 2020. It is more moderate than in previous years and amounts to more than 47 million francs (compared to more than 146 million francs in 2019).

In addition, at the national level, the total amount of insurers’ reserves increased further by 1.06 billion francs on January 1, 2021. Reserves now stand at 12.38 billion francs. While the solvency rate required by law is 100%, that of all insurers stood at 207% on January 1, 2021 (compared to 203% in 2020). Insurers had 6.4 billion francs in reserves beyond the necessary on January 1, 2021, which represents an increase of + 11% compared to January 1, 2020. The moderate change in gross costs per insured due to the stopping non-emergency interventions during the pandemic could have contributed to this increase in excess reserves, as could the good investment results obtained on the financial markets.

Faced with this situation, and despite the entry into force of the Ordinance on the supervision of health insurance which introduced new tools for reducing reserves, the Department of Health and Social Action (DSAS) insists on the importance of modifying the legal framework concerning these reservations, as proposed by several cantonal initiatives currently being examined by the Federal Chambers. “The excess amounts must be returned to the insured, because it is they who have been paying for years to build up these reserves”, underlines Rebecca Ruiz, head of the DSAS.

Cost control and transparency

In addition, the slight decrease in premiums for 2022 encourages the Canton to continue its efforts in terms of controlling healthcare costs. While the federal law on health insurance limits the possibilities for intervention by the cantons, action in certain areas remains possible. The Council of State indicated in particular last June, in response to a postulate by MP Werner Riesen, that it wishes to use the leeway it has in setting the outpatient tariff point to avoid any unjustified increase in costs in this domain. In addition, cost control is one of the objectives of hospital planning, currently in the revision phase in the canton.

The DSAS also welcomes the adoption by the Federal Parliament of the Lombardi motion “Costs of health.” Restore transparency “(19.4180), which will restore the right of the cantons to access the accounting data of insurers for the calculation of premiums and to comment on them.

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DSAS, Rebecca Ruiz, State Councilor,021 316 50 04
DSAS, Fabrice Ghelfi, Director General, Directorate General for Social Cohesion,021 316 51 45


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