MIL-OSI Asia-Pac: IMO Award granted to a Vietnamese rescuer: A pride of rescue force


Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

>>> First Vietnamese rescuer to receive IMO Bravery Award

Tran Van Khoi is a crew member at the Da Nang-based Regional Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center No.II under the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre (Vietnam MRCC).

Khoi was acknowledged for his courageous actions and tireless rescue attempts in a rescue operation in October 2020.

While on duty on October 9, he and his colleagues braved fierce weather and rough sea conditions to rescue four sailors in the sunken cargo vessel Vietship 01, which had been swept away and sank in shallow waters due to widespread flooding and wind gusts caused by typhoon Linfa.

According to the Vietnam Marine Administration, there were a total of 37 nominations for the 2021 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea, submitted from 23 member countries and four NGOs.

Sharing his thoughts about the award, Tran Van Khoi said he hoped that with this recognition, the brave spirit and unyielding displayed will contribute to the development of Vietnam’s maritime sector.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Xuan Sang stated that it came as no surprise that Khoi won the 2021 IMO Award since his actions went beyond the limits of most ordinary people in such difficult conditions.

He appreciated the IMO’s acknowledgement for Vietnamese search and rescue officers, adding that Khoi’s exceptionally brave actions have contributed to raising the position of Vietnam’s maritime sector in the international arena.

He also applauded the tireless efforts and achievements of Vietnam MRCC crew members and search and rescue officers, who have not only saved the lives of people at sea, but have also actively joined functional forces in ensuring the safety of those living and working on the ocean and supporting fishermen while operating on the sea.

Vietnam MRCC crew members and search and rescue officers have contributed to ensuring the safety of those living and working on the ocean. (Photo: Vietnam MRCC)

Promoting the messages ‘Human life comes first’ and ‘Considering those need help as our own family members’, since its establishment, the Vietnam MRCC has received and handled search and rescue information, held maritime rescue missions both directly and indirectly, and has minimised the loss of life and property. During the 2016-2020 period, it has handled around 2,845 cases, saved the lives of 4,882 people, and supported and saved 409 vessels.

According to the Vietnam MRCC Deputy General Director Vu Viet Hung, the centre’s crew members always exert every effort and uphold an enthusiasm and strong will to fulfill their assigned tasks and humanitarian missions, despite the lack of human resources and modern equipment.

The IMO’s accolade for Khoi is a source of pride and encouragement for the MRCC to make more efforts to accomplish their rescue missions, he said.

Hoang Hong Giang, Deputy Director General of the Vietnam Maritime Administration, said that in the context of the global COVID19 pandemic, the IMO and other international organisations have paid much attention and put forward many solutions to deal with and minimise COVID-19’s impacts on the shipping industry and on seafarers themselves.

Over the past year, thanks to the efforts of shipping enterprises around the world, seafarers have maintained their role in transporting over 80% of all goods around the world, including food, medicine and vaccine supplies despite extremely challenging circumstances.

He stressed that Vietnam always fulfills all its obligations as an IMO member country and actively engages in activities and movements launched by IMO to promote safe, secure, and efficient shipping on clean oceans.

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