MIL-OSI Canada: Day of Older Persons in Alberta: Minister Pon


Source: Government of Canada regional news

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“Each year, we mark Oct. 1 as the Day of Older Persons in Alberta.

“On this fall day, we recognize the immense contributions seniors have made to our communities and our province.

“Seniors leave a legacy of hard work, ingenuity, creativity and innovation that built a modern Alberta, and we are grateful for that service.

“We celebrate the rich and diverse history of our most experienced generation and we recognize that seniors continue to contribute to Alberta’s growth, each and every day.

“Many of Alberta’s 680,000 seniors continue in the workforce, volunteer their time and expertise, serve as mentors or caregivers, and remain vital to the province’s success.

“This year, the Day of Older Persons in Alberta is supporting the International Day of Older Persons theme of digital equity for all ages. It is so important that seniors have the access and ability to meaningfully participate in the digital world.

“I am proud my ministry has made it easier for seniors to apply for financial assistance programs and submit documents online for program benefits. There are many tech-savvy Alberta seniors and we will continue to educate and connect more seniors to our increasingly digital world. Being able to access and use technology has become essential and helps reduce the social isolation of some seniors and contribute to their well-being.

“Whether in person or online, I hope you can take a moment to recognize and celebrate seniors on the Day of Older Persons in Alberta.

“Today and every day, seniors are the strength of Alberta.”

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