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Source: Republic of France in French The French Republic has issued the following statement:

In view of the exceptional increases in energy prices, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced several measures to help households pay their bills.

To prevent the exceptional rise in energy prices from weighing on households, Prime Minister Jean Castex, a guest at 8:00 pm on TF1, announced several measures on Thursday, September 30.

An additional “energy check”

A Cadditional energy bank of 100 euros will be paid in December to the 6 million households with the lowest incomes, that is to say to people already benefiting from the “energy voucher”:

It is in addition to the check paid in spring 2021 and the one in spring 2022 (for an average amount of 150 euros);
Simplified, this check is automatically received by all eligible households (gas, electricity, oil or wood heating).

Freezing regulated gas prices

This measure may not be enough, however, and it is for this reason that the Prime Minister has also decided to block the regulated tariff for the sale of gas.

“Concretely, all next winter, the regulated gas tariff will never exceed the October 2021 tariff,” said Jean Castex.

The purpose of this measure is to protect the purchasing power of the French.

Limitation of the increase in the regulated electricity tariff to 4% at the start of 2022

All over Europe, and a fortiori in France, the increase in the price of gas has consequences for the price of electricity. Indeed, part of the electricity produced and imported is produced from gas-fired power stations.

To avoid this mechanical increase in the price of electricity, Jean Castex has made a commitment that the regulated prices for the sale of electricity will not increase by the end of 2021.

A slight increase will nevertheless be necessary in 2022. “The Government will ensure that this increase, which will take place in early 2022, does not exceed 4% of the tariff,” assured the Prime Minister.

For a French person heating with electricity, this increase will materialize on his bill to the tune of 5 euros per month.

Reduce our dependence on natural gas

– reducing heating factors thanks to the energy renovation of buildings (MaPrimeRénov ’);
– accelerating the substitution of natural gas by other energies produced in France and which do not emit greenhouse gases (electricity, biomass, hydrogen);
– developing the production of biogas (methanisers).

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