MIL-OSI Submissions: Russia – The Moscow Supplier Portal receives international recognition


Source: Department of Information Technologies of Moscow

Supplier portal has been included in the G20 Report for Reference on Innovative Public Procurement for Smart Cities and Communities. The document was published following the meeting of the G20 digital economy ministers, which took place in early August in Trieste, Italy.

The portal was created in 2013 to automate the activities of customers and suppliers in operational transactions. The portal is systematically developing and supplemented with new tools and services in accordance with the needs of users. In 2020, the developers paid special attention to the interface to make it even more convenient for customers and suppliers to work with the resource. The catalog of goods, works and services already includes more than 1,3 million unique items, and the total volume of purchases in 2020 exceeded 60 billion rubles.

Metropolitan development improves the transparency and speed of public procurement, as well as expands the opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to participate in supply chains. The supplier portal also contributes to the development of competition and allows government customers to objectively assess the existing supply market.

“The supplier portal has already become a familiar tool for small-scale public procurement for many regions of Russia. It is used by more than 230 thousand suppliers, as well as customers from 39 entities. The portal is constantly updated with new services and tools that make it easier for users to work with purchases and expand the audience of the resource. Today, the portal can be used not only by enterprises and organizations, but also by self-employed and even individuals,” said Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Moscow Government, head of the Information Technology Department.

He added that international recognition at the G20 level not only emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of such solutions, but also makes Moscow a benchmark in the field of digital transformation for other cities in the world.

The supplier portal occupies a significant place in the B2G procurement system in Moscow and Russian regions. Through continuous improvement towards reliability and automation, it attracts new procurement participants on a daily basis. More than 25 thousand transactions are made on the portal every month and about 20 thousand contracts and agreements are registered based on the results of competitive procedures of Moscow customers.

Products, services and works are presented on the portal in showcase format. Offers are classified into categories, arranged according to the degree of demand. Customers can search for the desired ones by specific parameters, as well as announce quotation sessions and purchases on demand. The navigation of suppliers when creating new SKUs in the catalog is simplified and accelerated thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. Using the method of graphic recognition, the supplier is offered the most suitable categories for the product item being created. The service selects categories with an accuracy of 94 percent.

Customers and suppliers work on the portal using electronic document management. This saves time, costs and errors. Thanks to the automation of processes, entrepreneurs do not need to manually enter company data when filling out a profile, since all the necessary information can be transferred automatically thanks to the integration of the portal and the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

In 2021, Supplier portal was awarded the prize of the key and oldest competition of Internet projects in Runet “Golden Site” in the nomination “City portal for entrepreneurs”.

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