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1 October 2021, 07:06

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For seven and a half years, the portal has turned from an information platform into a single electronic office of an entrepreneur.

Digital services of the Moscow investment portal allow entrepreneurs to quickly solve operational problems, receive benefits and subsidies, and plan investment projects. This year, businessmen have used online services 100 thousand times, and during the entire operation of the site – almost 400 thousand times.

“The Moscow Investment Portal is a specialized resource for entrepreneurs, whose tools simplify the conduct of investment activities in the capital. For seven and a half years, the portal has turned from an information platform into a single electronic office of an entrepreneur. Today the services of the portal have been used 393.7 thousand times, 100 thousand times – this year alone. At the same time, for the entire 2020, online services were used 95 thousand times. This speaks of the convenience and ease of use of the site’s tools and the trust on the part of investors in the ecosystem created by the city, ”said the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations

Vladimir Efimov…

The development of the investment portal services is carried out by the capital Department of Information Technology…

Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Information Technologies of the City of Moscow Edward Lysenkonoted that in fact the portal has become a single window for the interaction of investors with the city. He accompanies the entrepreneur at all stages of the project implementation – from the selection of the site and the submission of an investment initiative to the receipt of city support measures and the prompt resolution of emerging issues.

“The online format not only saves time for entrepreneurs, but also makes the interaction of business with the city more understandable and transparent. In addition, for those who are more comfortable using city digital resources from a smartphone, there is a mobile application that presents the most popular online services of the platform, ”the head of the department noted.

The most popular service of the investment portal remains electronic registration for inspection of the auction object– users can send an application without leaving their home and view the property at a convenient time. Since the beginning of the work, the option has been used more than 160 thousand times, since the beginning of this year – more than 30 thousand times.

The second most popular service is direct line, which earned in 2014 for the operational communication of business with the Moscow Government. During its existence, it received 12 thousand applications from entrepreneurs, including 2.4 thousand in 2021. As a rule, investors offer investment projects, are interested in the nuances of the bidding procedure and obtaining financial support.

Another useful and equally popular digital service is filing an application for familiarization with the tender documentation… It allows you to study detailed information on the trades object of interest to the investor. You can submit an application in the object card online during the application campaign period. Since the beginning of the year, entrepreneurs have sent 1.5 thousand such applications, and in total since the launch of the service – seven thousand applications.

“Users of the investment portal are also in demand for functionality that helps them get special statuses and preferences from the city. Thus, the statuses of an industrial complex, a technopark, a priority investment project, and a resident of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone allow Moscow enterprises to reduce the tax burden. The status of the investment project for the creation of places of employment gives developers the opportunity to receive from the city a discount on payment for changing the type of permitted use of land for the construction of residential buildings. Also, a service is available on the site, with the help of which companies can obtain a special status that gives them the right to an investment tax deduction. Today, entrepreneurs have used these online services in aggregate more than 3.2 thousand times, more than 400 times – this year alone, ”said the head

Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow Alexander Prokhorov…

Since the beginning of 2020, the functionality of the investment portal has been replenished with 14 online services. So, at the end of last year, the service appeared “Moscow Investor”… It allows businesses to send questions and suggestions to the Moscow Government on the conduct and improvement of investment activities in a one-stop-shop mode. For most questions, the deadline for providing an answer to the applicant is 10 working days, the actual time is four working days. If the appeal does not help to solve the problem, then the message should be sent for reconsideration. It will no longer be conducted by a specialized executive body, but by one of the project offices at the headquarters for the protection of business, headed by the Mayor of Moscow.

New support measures navigatoron the Moscow investment portal allows you to quickly and conveniently find out about available subsidies, benefits and grants, as well as about non-financial assistance. Through the service, you can not only get acquainted with federal and regional types of support, but also select the most suitable for each entrepreneur as accurately as possible. Today the investment portal provides information on more than 100 support measures. To find out about the available preferences, on the service page, the user can indicate the scope of the company, the level of expected support (federal or regional), its type (financial or non-financial assistance). In addition, there is an opportunity to choose a specific direction: rent, loans, consultations, benefits, subsidies and grants.

On the site, you can also send a request for a preferential loan or subsidy, submit a concession project for preliminary study, apply for renting premises in the capital’s technoparks and check information on trade fees.

13 million visits and 30 online services: how the investment portal works

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