MIL-OSI Economics: Keeping Kiwis Safe Online Every Day


Source: Google (3)

Have you ever wondered how to make your online accounts secure, but not known how to do that? If so, you’re not alone! One of the main reasons Kiwis don’t always take deliberate steps to improve their online security, is not knowing what steps to take, or where to start (37%). 

New research, conducted for Google New Zealand by YouGov, shows that most Kiwis are not always taking deliberate steps to enhance their online security (69%). This is despite a third of us admitting that we’re aware of a time a password was compromised or hacked. In fact one in five Kiwis have fallen victim to phishing or an online scam.

This is why Google invests extensively in our products and services to ensure they’re secure by default and private by design. We keep more users safe – by blocking malware, phishing attempts, spam messages and potential cyber attacks – than anyone else in the world, but it’s also important that people take advantage of tools to improve their protection. 

While online security can seem confusing, or boring, the good news is that there are some very easy things we can all do to keep ourselves safer online:


We also launched the Google Safety Centre to share these and other simple solutions, information and advice for New Zealanders to protect themselves online

The research data comes from a report which looked at Kiwis’ attitudes to online safety and security. Key findings also include:

Deliberate steps to improve online security

Barriers to taking deliberate action


Two-factor authentication usage 


Consumer research conducted on behalf of Google New Zealand by YouGov. The research comprised a national sample of 1,511 New Zealand adults 18+ years during the period 11-18 August 2021. 

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