MIL-OSI USA: LaTurner Slams Democrats’ Abortion on Demand Legislation


Source: United States House of Representatives – Representative Jake LaTurner (Kansas, 2)

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jake LaTurner spoke on the House floor Wednesday night opposing Democrats’ legislation (H.R. 3755) that imposes on-demand abortion until birth, removes nearly all pro-life protections for the unborn, and abolishes laws preventing late-term abortions.

Watch Congressman LaTurner’s remarks here or view the transcript below:

REP. LATURNER: “I rise in strong opposition to the Women’s Health Protection Act, or more accurately, the Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act.

This legislation imposes on-demand abortion until birth, meaning anyone can have an abortion for any reason up until the day the baby is born. Republicans, and as hard as it is to believe now at one-point even some Democrats, have been fighting for pro-life protections for decades. This bill removes nearly all protections for the unborn at the state and federal level and allows babies to be aborted just based on the baby’s sex, race and disability.

Since day one of the Biden Administration, Democrats have made it their goal to push a radical pro-choice agenda—and this bill is no exception.

For months, Democrats have been encouraging tax-payer funded abortions in the United States and even going as far as limiting health care access to babies that survive abortions.

My colleagues and I standing up here tonight are not the only ones who agree that this bill is wrong for our country. The Democrats’ radical agenda is extremely out of touch with the majority of Kansans in my district. In fact, over 80% of Americans agree that abortion should be illegal in the third trimester. I am proud to be a member of the Pro-Life Caucus where we are pushing back to help ensure every baby is protected under the law and to be a voice for the millions of the pro-life Americans who will not rest until the sanctity of life is protected.

As my Democrat colleagues continue to advance their radical and immoral pro-choice agenda, my constituents can be assured that I will always unapologetically defend the most vulnerable among us – the unborn. And may God help us all in this effort.”