MIL-OSI Australia: Study Australia Virtual Booth Program at AIEC 2021


Source: Australian Trade and Investment Commission – Austrade

28 Sep 2021
Austrade is hosting the Study Australia Booth at AIEC from 5 – 8 October in collaboration with state and territory study destination agencies, Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, and the Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce.
The Booth program features over 20 zoom sessions to provide Australian international education stakeholders with updates from the Study Australia Partners, including market insights from Austrade’s offshore network.
Here is the full program of sessions you can attend at the Study Australia booth via the Virtual Attendee Hub at AIEC 2021. 
Tuesday 5 October
45 – 11:15am AEDT: Meet and Greet with Study Canberra
45 – 2.30pm AEDT: Meet and Greet with Study Melbourne
3 – 3:30pm AEDT: Meet and Greet with Study NSW
4 – 4:30pm AEDT: Meet and Greet with Study QLD
5:45 – 6pm AEDT: Meet and Greet with StudyPerth
Wednesday 6 October
30 – 11am AEDT: Meet and Greet with Study Melbourne
12 – 12:30pm AEDT: Meet and Greet with Study NSW
1 – 1:30 pm AEDT: Austrade Vietnam: Education Going Virtual — Challenges and Opportunities (Rebecca Ball and Huong Ngo)
1:30 – 2pm AEDT: Meet and Greet with Study Tasmania
2 – 2:30pm AEDT: New Study Australia digital enhancements (Helen Kronberger and Vik Singh)
3:15 – 3:45pm AEDT: Meet and Greet with Study NT
4 – 4:30pm AEDT: Austrade China: Education Market Insights (Andrew Carter)
5 – 5:30pm AEDT: Austrade Africa: Demographics, edtech and TNE (Elizabeth Dietrichsen)
5:45 – 6:00pm AEDT: Meet and greet with StudyPerth
Thursday 7 October
10:45 – 11:15 am AEDT: Austrade LATAM: Competing for Students and Addressing Perceptions (Craig Ford)
30 – 12pm AEDT: Meet and greet with Study Melbourne
12:30 – 1pm AEDT: Meet and Greet with Study NSW
1:45 – 2:15pm AEDT: Austrade: Activating Australia’s Nation brand for International Education (Kate Young)
2:30 – 3 pm AEDT: Austrade Japan: Education Marketing 101 (Sharon Bignell)
3:30 – 4 pm AEDT: Austrade India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh: Opportunities for Engagement and Partnership (Dr Monica Kennedy and Ashish Sharma)
4:15 – 4:45 pm AEDT: Austrade Indonesia: TNE Opportunities (Rod Commerford)
5 – 5:30 pm AEDT: Austrade Saudi Arabia: The Sleeping Giant — market insights on edtech and TVET (Faisal Abdulhai)
6:00-6:15 AEDT: Meet and greet with StudyPerth
Austrade Market Insights Sessions (by order of sessions):
Vietnam: Education Going Virtual — Challenges and Opportunities
Rebecca Ball, Senior Trade Commissioner (Ho Chi Minh City) and Huong Ngo, Senior Business Development Manager (Hanoi) will speak to the challenges and opportunities as online learning practices becoming more a norm in Vietnam than just a COVID-19 response.   
China: Education Market Insights
Andrew Carter, Trade Commissioner (Beijing), will share the latest study abroad trends and preferences in Mainland China as well as suggestions on forward strategies for promotion and engagement.  
Africa: Demographics, edtech and TNE
Elizabeth Dietrichsen, Senior Business Development Manager (Johannesburg), will offer insights on demographics, edtech and TNE developments in Africa.
LATAM: Competing for Students and Addressing Perceptions
Craig Ford, Trade Commissioner (Mexico), will provide insights into the LATAM region at present and address opportunities and perceptions, sharing insights from the Austrade Team and a recent EY report.
Japan: Education Marketing 101
Sharon Bignell, Trade Commissioner (Osaka), will discuss how to do business in Japan for the education sector — a session most suited to those who are new to the market, or wishing to grow or diversify their Japanese student enrolments.
India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh: Opportunities for Engagement and Partnership
Dr Monica Kennedy, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner (Mumbai) and Ashish Sharma, Director, International Education South Asia (New Delhi) will discuss the changing context for international education in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and the opportunities available for engagement and partnership.
Indonesia: TNE Opportunities
Rod Commerford, Trade Commissioner (Jakarta), will provide an overview of how blended modes of delivery could strategically position Australian education in Indonesia in the longer term.
Saudi Arabia: The Sleeping Giant
Faisal Abdulhai, Business Development Manager (Riyadh), will share market insights on the Edtech and TVET developments in Saudi Arabia.
Austrade is also taking part in the World in Focus and Inspire video presentations (Student Voice and Evolving Student Stories), available on-demand on the AIEC virtual platform before and during the conference*. These are intended as ‘conversation starters’ and inspiration for further discussion at the virtual booth sessions. The videos provide valuable insights about trends, perceptions and opportunities specific to a particular country, region or economy.
The World in Focus series cover market updates from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.  
* To access these videos through your AIEC registration, log into the Virtual Attendee Hub. Go to the Schedule Tab at the top and click On Demand.
Meet & Greet Sessions (by order of sessions):
Study Canberra:
Join the Study Canberra team for a brief update of the tertiary education landscape in Canberra. Study Canberra is an ACT Government initiative which, in partnership with our tertiary institutions, promotes Canberra as a study destination and supports the student experience. Questions are welcome in this session or you can contact us through the Study Canberra virtual booth.
Presented by Oliver Harrap, Johan Arnberg, Carter Moore and Justin Keevers
Study Melbourne:
Study Melbourne is a Victorian Government initiative, working with educational institutions and a range of industry partners to promote Melbourne, Victoria, as the ultimate study destination for international students. We provide support and assistance to students once they arrive, as well as deliver a range of award programs and industry engagement opportunities. Speak with us to find out more about our programs, events and recovery initiatives supporting international students across the IE sector. 
Presented by Nicholas Tan
Study NSW:
Study NSW is a NSW Government agency in Investment NSW committed to providing a supportive and engaging environment for international students through award programs, industry partnerships, work opportunities, health and wellbeing support and more. AIEC delegates are invited to meet and greet the Study NSW team to learn about collaborative opportunities, upcoming projects and recovery initiatives for the NSW international education sector.
Presented by Toshi Kawaguchi and Katie Hanna
Study Queensland:
Study Queensland is the specialist international education and training unit of Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ). TIQ is the Queensland Government’s dedicated global business agency, helping Queensland exporters take their products and services to world markets, and promoting Queensland as the perfect place for investment and extending knowledge. TIQ has global representatives in markets around the world, and regional trade and investment advisors in major centers across Queensland. 
AIEC delegates are invited to meet and greet the Study Queensland team as they reflect on the past 18 months, as well as share updates on upcoming activities and opportunities for the year ahead.    
Presented by Aleesha Ware and Nancy Ly
StudyPerth provides a leadership role in building and promoting the value of international education in Western Australia, positioning Perth as an internationally recognised study destination, offering productive learning pathways in a welcoming and vibrant location.
StudyPerth’s key priorities are to support a positive student experience; champion diversity and ensure cultural integration; promote opportunities for employment and increased employability; demonstrate the continuing strength of WA’s economy; and highlight post-study visa and migration opportunities.
Visit to find out more!
Presented by Ryan Whiddett
Study Tasmania:
Study Tasmania is a peak study body of the Tasmanian Government, which provides support for international students in Tasmania as well as encouraging new international student to see Tasmania as the perfect study destination.
A Tasmanian lifestyle, just like our education, is focussed on quality. We breathe the world’s cleanest air, drink its purest water and eat and drink food and beverage of exceptional quality. Our cities and towns are historically rich and yet modern and vibrant with trendy cafés, sensational seasonal festivals and internationally renowned museums and galleries.
Come and speak to us at AIEC.
Presented by Harpreet Gill
Study NT:
The Northern Territory Government’s Study NT works with education providers, and business and local communities to welcome international students to achieve academic success and discover new pathways to their future in Australia’s Northern Territory. The Study NT team, including one of our Study NT Student Ambassadors, looks forward to meeting with AIEC delegates to share its current programs, upcoming projects and opportunities to continue to strengthen and grow the international education sector in the Territory
Presented by Larnie Batten and Lauren Jenner
Austrade Special Topic Sessions (by order of sessions):
New Study Australia digital enhancements
Helen Kronberger, International Education Manager, and Vik Singh, Program Director, Digital Education Hub, will introduce a range of new digital tools and resources designed by Austrade to support students.
Activating Australia’s Nation brand for International Education
Kate Young, Global Marketing Manager, Study Australia, will share the latest development in the Nation Brand roll out including the Shine with Australia Campaign.