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In the Sahelo-Saharan strip, several joint operations and partnership actions marked the week.


GTD EDELWEISS in combat partnership with the Nigerien armed forces in Liptako

From September 9 to 15, the Desert Tactical Group (GTD) Edelweiss led a joint operation with the Nigerien armed forces (FAN) in eastern Liptako, on the Malo-Niger border.

In the Tagalelt region, GTD Edelweiss planned a coordinated maneuver with the Nigerien operation ALMAHAOU. The objective was to prevent a GAT attack on the village of In Ekar, south of the border on the Niger side and ten kilometers north of Bani Bangou, which had been the subject of two GAT attacks 15 days earlier. .

The infiltration of the Franco-Nigerien detachment and the systematic search of suspicious areas uncovered an important GAT logistical plot. Several thousand liters of gasoline, numerous resources to repair motorcycles and several medical kits were seized. The interoperability between the soldiers of the Barkhane Force and those of the Nigerien army allowed the success of this operation.

The GTD Roc Noir participates in the rise of the TF Takuba

From September 9 to 17, 2021, a sub-group of GTD Roc Noir participated in a logistics operation between Gao and Ménaka conducted to support the rise of Task Force (TF) Takuba.

The main mission of the desert tactical subgroup (SGTD) was to escort around sixty civilian and military vehicles transporting resources (fuel, water, food, etc.) to the forward operational base (BOA) of Ménaka.




Air engineering works in Niamey

The detachment of the 25th Air Engineering Regiment (RGA) has started work on the future parking lot intended to accommodate the A330 Phoenix refueling planes at the planned Niamey Air Base (BAP) where no less than 50 sappers from the engineering and more than thirty construction machines will follow one another until the end of 2024, when the work is completed. This large-scale project will require almost all the specialties and know-how of air engineers.

Reinsurance for the benefit of the Malian armed forces

From September 13 to 19, the Barkhane Force fighter planes carried out nineteen reinsurance missions for the benefit of the Malian armed forces. These missions made it possible in particular to complete the training of four Air Guiders

Malian advanced tactics (GATA). They are now able to guide air support from the Barkhane Force for the benefit of the FAMa units deployed on the ground. Overall, more than half of the air support missions conducted this week were dedicated to reassurance for Malian partners.

Task Force Takuba: large-scale operations alongside Europeans and Malians

From September 9 to 17, 2021, the Franco-Czech Task Group (TG) and the Swedish TG led a joint operation in the Menaka region to characterize the terrorist networks responsible for the attacks (improvised explosive devices and indirect fire) against the Force and to disrupt Armed Terrorist Groups (GAT) in their areas of action.

The Franco-Estonian TG is actively pursuing the training of Light Reconnaissance and Intervention Units No. 3 (Ansongo) and 4 (Gao) in its operational military partnership mission. From September 18 to 20, 2021, the TG and ULRI 4 have

carried out an area control mission in the Tin Hama region in order to disrupt the GAT networks in one of their refuge and supply areas and mark the presence of the Malian armed forces (FAMa) among the local populations.

Large-scale logistics operation

From September 3 to 16, 2021, the Taillefer Desert Logistics Tactical Group (GTD-LOG) simultaneously led two land convoys over more than 1,200 km in the heart of the Malian desert from Gao to the bases of Kidal and Tessalit. The aim was to start transfer operations.

In all, 335 soldiers escorted the convoy, supported by the GTD Roc Noir, the GTD air combat Hombori XXVIII, the commando group and the ground support air assets.

This operation also made it possible to secure a major traffic axis for the benefit of the population and to provide precise information on a network of IEE installers.


On Thursday September 16, the official end of training ceremony for the Territorial Infantry Battalion 7 (BIT7) and the Special Forces Battalion (BFS) took place at Camp Kassaï in Bangui in the presence of General Betibangui, representing the Chief

Central African army staff, and the Mission Force Commander EUTM RCA, General de Montgros.

The joint baptism of the two battalions marks the end of the individual and collective training provided by the instructors of the European mission within the framework of the National Defense Plan. Since 2016, EUTM RCA has trained more than 9,000 Central African soldiers.


France and Spain operate together in the Gulf of Guinea

Since the start of his CORYMBE mission, the high seas patroller (PHM) Commander Ducuing has been working within the framework of the European initiative of “Coordinated maritime presence” (CMP), in

exchanging, with the Spanish patroller Vigia, his assessments of the situation in the area.

On Thursday, September 16, the sailors from the two vessels met at sea to conduct anti-ship and visit team training in particular.

On Saturday September 18, French sailors received a VHF call for help from a Spanish fishing vessel reporting a seriously injured sailor on board. The PHM medical team was dispatched to the tuna boat to assist it before it was then taken to a hospital in Sao Tome.



Operation CHAMMAL, the French component of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR), continues and the Armies remain engaged in their fight against Daesh, because the terrorist organization has entered a networked and clandestine fight.

France is also providing advice to the Iraqi security forces in order to contribute to their growth. Within the JOCAT (Joint Operations Command Advisory Team), a structure advising the Iraqi joint operations command, several inserted French officers bring their skills in various fields (intelligence, fire, land and air operations).


Seventh anniversary of the launch of CHAMMAL

On September 19, 2014, Operation CHAMMAL was officially launched, to support the Iraqi government, alongside the coalition, in the fight against Daesh.

Seven years later, the terrorist organization no longer holds any territory in the Levant. The French armies remain engaged with the coalition, within Operation INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR), to prevent its resurgence.

Today, this commitment is based on two complementary pillars: a “support” pillar, intended to support the troops engaged on the ground against Daesh, carried mainly by the Rafales of the projected air base (BAP) in the Levant, and a “consultancy” pillar. », For the benefit of the Iraqi National Security Forces (ISF), and whose responsibility falls to the Military advisory group (MAG). The MAG is made up in particular of the Joint operation command advisory team (JOCAT) located in Baghdad and headed by a French colonel.

France is also contributing to civil-military operations, relying on the DICE (Directorate of Interagency and Civilian Environment), to promote action by the Iraqi government in connection with international and non-governmental organizations in the area of ​​stabilization.

Within the coalition, France therefore maintains its commitment to the OIR structures in Iraq as well as in Kuwait and Qatar and continues its naval deployments in the channel of Syria and in the Arab-Persian Gulf. The current system of Operation CHAMMAL includes nearly 600 soldiers from the three armies and services. France is the coalition’s third air contributor.


FREMM Languedoc training with the UAE

After an operational stopover in Dubai, the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Languedoc set sail on September 16 to resume its maritime surveillance mission in the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, as part of the operation. AGENOR. On September 19, 2021, FREMM was detached from the operation to participate in a predominantly anti-submarine exercise, TIGER EEL 21, with the UAE armed forces which notably engaged two aircraft of

Dash 8 maritime patrol, thereby strengthening the level of interoperability between French and UAE forces.

NARCOPS entry for FREMM Languedoc

Then, on September 20, 2021, following the detection of a suspicious dhow off Oman in international waters, Languedoc was placed in direct support of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF150), currently under New Zealand command. FREMM visited this dhow on which more than 1.5 tons of cannabis and more than 165 kg of methamphetamine were discovered.

With this new catch, the French Forces in the Indian Ocean maritime zone have seized, since the beginning of the year 2021, more than 18.5 tons of cannabis, more than 2,630 kg of methamphetamine and more than 1,300 kg of heroin.


Reporting to SGTIA

After the SGTIA LYNX 10 mandate which saw 300 soldiers deployed carrying out more than 500 hours of combined exercises and firing more than 120,000 munitions, the current week was marked by the beginning of his relief, with the arrival, on September 20 , from

first elements of the LYNX 11 mandate. The SGTIA LYNX 11 will be mainly armed by the 1st regiment of hunters of Verdun (2 armored platoons on Leclerc tanks, a reconnaissance and investigation platoon), including combined arms reinforcements from the 7th armored brigade : an infantry section on VBCI of the 35th Infantry Regiment of Belfort, an engineer combat section of the 3rd Charleville-Mézières engineer regiment and an observation and coordination team of the 68th African artillery regiment of Valbonne. The official SGTIA TOA will take place on Friday September 24, the arrival of the second part of the relief is scheduled for September 27.

Colonel Eric Mauger succeeded Colonel Bruno Démésy as Senior national representative on Monday, September 20.


NORTHERN COASTS 2021: year end for CMT Pégase

From September 10 to 23, 2021, the Tripartite Mine Hunter (CMT) Pegasus participated in the joint multilateral exercise NORTHERN COASTS 2021 south of the Baltic Sea off Sweden. Fully integrated alongside NATO ships from the Baltic Sea Navies, French sailors mainly conducted minehunting exercises and multi-area artillery fire training. These various exercises have made it possible to strengthen the interoperability of the French Navy with European navies.


West Indies

The armed forces in the West Indies (FAA) are involved in Operation RESILIENCE from a logistical and medical point of view.

Since August 3, a military resuscitation module (MMR) with 5 beds initially, then with 20 beds since August 20, has been operational.

80 soldiers from the Army and Army Health Service are inserted within the Martinique University Hospital in this MMR which takes care of 20 patients seriously affected by COVID. 87 patients were thus treated as of September 20.

Since September 4, a Puma helicopter from the armed forces in Guyana has been providing medical evacuations between the islands of the Guadeloupe archipelago and its various hospitals. To date, he has carried out 12 medical evacuations for the benefit of 17 patients. The FAA have also reinforced the CHUs of Guadeloupe and Martinique to help stretcher and transport patients in intensive care. Finally, the Overseas Support and Assistance Building (BSAOM) Dumont D’Urville carried out two rotations between Guyana and Martinique to resupply the French Antilles with medical oxygen, at a rate of 200 m3.


Following the improvement in the health situation in French Polynesia and the dispatch of numerous reinforcements from the mainland health reserve, the FAPF, in agreement with the State and Country authorities, began to withdraw from their

staff in order to continue its operational activities:

– the three doctors, the nurse and the logistics officer thus provided reinforcement for an average of 3 weeks;

– the RIMAP-P and the RSMA are continuing, to the tune of twenty soldiers, their logistical support to the municipalities in charge of hosting an ephemeral vaccination center until October 3.

The FAPF has so far carried out 6 medical transfers of COVID patients from the various archipelagos, including two last week. The 82 Maine transport squadron repatriated two patients via CASA: one from Aratika Island (Tuamotu Archipelago) on September 15 and a second from Raiatea (Society Archipelago) on September 16, 2021.


End of the 2021 campaign

Each year, the south of France is confronted with large-scale fires which require the mobilization of state resources. The armies are participating in Operation Hephaestus to fight forest fires, in support of training

civil security soldiers (ForMiSC) and firefighters.

The 2021 campaign, which began on June 25 and ended on September 17, 2021, covered 23 departments in the south of France (the 21 departments in the South defense and security zone) as well as Drôme and Ardèche.

This summer, 50 soldiers were engaged daily alongside civil security training in the fight against forest fires. In total, 148 fires were contained in the South zone, i.e. a total of 10,024 ha burned, against 127 fires and 3,921 ha burned in the zone in 2020.

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