MIL-OSI Australia: 207-2021: Khapra beetle measures: Phase 3 and final controlled atmosphere treatment methodology


Source: Australia Government Statements – Agriculture

207-2021: Khapra beetle measures: Phase 3 and final controlled atmosphere treatment methodology
Fri, 2021-09-24 14:41

24 September 2021

Who does this notice affect?

Importers of high-risk plant products and other stakeholders in the import and shipping industries – including vessel masters, freight forwarders, treatment providers, Biosecurity Industry Participants, importers, customs brokers, principal shipping agents, and any other operators in the sea container supply and logistics chain.

What has changed?

Phase 3 of the khapra beetle urgent actions commences on 30 September 2021 and applies to high-risk plant products exported on or after this date. Phase 3 introduces mandatory offshore treatment and phytosanitary certification requirements for high-risk plant products exported from khapra beetle target-risk countries. Approved treatments are methyl bromide fumigation, heat treatment and controlled atmosphere treatment.

To support the implementation of Phase 3 of the khapra beetle measures, we have published the final controlled atmosphere treatment methodology on our website.

Summary of changes to the controlled atmosphere treatment methodology from the consultation draft:

  • clarifications to language and amendments to typographical errors
  • changes to pressure testing requirements for sheeted enclosures
  • changes to requirements for the use of a vaporiser when applying carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas to an enclosure
  • addition of minimum accuracy requirements for gas concentration monitoring equipment
  • addition of a definition for pressure testing to the glossary.

An import permit is required for high-risk plant products that have been treated using a controlled atmosphere treatment.  The goods must have an import permit before they arrive in Australia. Apply for an import permit through BICON.

Please note, in scope rice and milling products impacted by Phase 3 measures can continue to be lodged under the class 19.2 AEPCOMM approved arrangement. Please ensure that all new BICON import conditions have been met.

Further information

For further information, see:

For questions and information related directly to offshore khapra beetle treatments, please email

All other enquiries regarding these measures, please phone 1800 900 090 or email (please title the subject line of the email with ‘Plant Tier 2 – khapra urgent actions’).