MIL-OSI Europe: Official speeches and statements – September 17, 2021


Source: France-Diplomatie – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

Published on September 17, 2021

1. United Nations – Illicit trade in small arms and light weapons – Speech by Ms Sheraz Gasri, political coordinator – UN Security Council Arria formula meeting (New York,2021-09-16)

Thank you very much Mr. Ambassador,

And I also would like to thank Mexico for organizing this important meeting and sharing your experience. I also thank the briefers for their analysis and recommendations. We also agree with the majority that has said that the Security Council certainly should do more on the issue of illicit trade in small arms and light weapons, and there are several tracks that many of the colleagues have already referred to.

First one is to encourage States to join the ATT and the Vienna Firearms Protocol. Second is for the Security Council to enforce its arms embargo and update regularly its UN sanctions regimes. Third is to encourage States to adopt specific measures to prevent and combat diversion to unauthorized end-users. This means implementing a regulatory framework to control the transfers, establishing end-user control and non-re-export measures as well as managing stockpile and destroying surpluses. We also think that it is very important that the Security Council urge States to mark the weapons, in order to trace them efficiently, to keep the records straight, and to detect embargoes violations. This is why France has promoted reinforcement of the international tracing instrument.

We also would like to mention the issue of key ammunitions. There are specific issues, such as theft, manufacture of IEDs by terrorist and explosion of poorly managed stockpiles. We welcome the conclusion of the dedicated UN Governmental group of expert on this issue and it is very important that the General Assembly takes these recommendations this year, in the First Committee.

And finally, the Security Council should support the regional initiatives on this issue. Many have been mentioned. We also think that more assistance is needed on this issue. France together with Germany has adopted a roadmap to help curb illicit trafficking in the Western Balkans. More needs to be done in term of assistance, especially in Africa. There are needs and requests and the international community has to be up to that.

Thank you, Mr. Ambassador./.

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