MIL-OSI Economics: Great start: Cell phone manufacturer overtakes Xiaomi & Apple after a few months


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Headline: Great start: Cell phone manufacturer overtakes Xiaomi & Apple after a few months

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In contrast to the European and US markets, neither Samsung nor Apple dominates Chinese territory. Instead, it is the rather unknown manufacturers such as Oppo and Vivo who dominate the market there. And now an old friend is part of it again.

On November 17th, 2020 the time had come. The Chinese smartphone giant Huawei confirmed the sale of its subsidiary Honor. Since then, the two cell phone manufacturers have gone their separate ways; where the direction of travel for Honor can be described as “upwards”. According to information from the market research company Cinno Research, the former Huawei subsidiary is said to have fought for third place in the Chinese home market in July 2021 with around 4 million smartphones sold. This puts Honor ahead of both the China giant Xiaomi (around 3.9 million) and the US giant Apple (around 3 million).

Meanwhile, the relatively unknown smartphone manufacturer Oppo secured first place with around 5.6 million devices sold – closely followed by the also little-known Vivo with around 5.3 million. Both companies have recently started large-scale European offensives. Among other things, Oppo is firing a rollable smartphone against established forces such as Samsung , Apple or Huawei. This means that they are likely to gain relevance in Germany in the near future.

After separating from Huawei, Honor initially faced supply problems. As a result, sales in China are said to have fallen to around 3 percent. The market researcher Counterpoint Research also confirms this trend, whereby better sales figures are mentioned here even for the “bad months”. From April, however, sales seem to have risen steadily again. A development that has now culminated in third place.


The reason for selling Honor is quite simple: Since it began in 2019, the trade dispute between the USA and China has ensured that Huawei smartphones have to do without Google services such as Google Maps, Gmail or Google Calendar. As a result , the sales figures collapsed drastically and the recently introduced in-house operating system HarmonyOS does not seem to have led to a significant change in the trend so far. The subsidiary brand Honor, on the other hand, has not been affected by the trade ban with Google since it was sold. Accordingly, the company can now develop “unrestrictedly”. According to CEO Zhao Ming, for example, the presence in the high-end area will soon be expanded.

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