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Source: Canton of Neuchatel Switzerland


Crystel Graf, Head of the Department of Training, Digitization and Sports (DFDS), and Florence Nater, Head of the Department of Employment and Social Cohesion (DECS), marked their first 100 days on the Council of ‘State. On this occasion, they discussed their experiences, their actions and their political visions in a highly symbolic place: the restaurant Les Bains des Dames, in Neuchâtel. They chose it for its name and with a nod to its historical function, as well as to show their support for public establishments battered by the health crisis.

The two state councilors began by talking about the highlights of their first 100 days. Both noted the professionalism and enthusiasm of their respective teams, meeting which was a priority when they took office. The tour of services occupied the first of their 100 days.

Florence Nater summed up her new life in three words. “Organization”, to describe in particular the necessary arrangements in his family and social life. “Co-construction”: she arrived with the firm desire to base “good living together” on the two pillars of employment and social cohesion, fully aware that this vision will only become reality thanks to consultation, dialogue and listening. “Decisions”, to reflect the multitude of decisions, large or small, that it is up to him to make in a day.

Crystel Graf has chosen the values ​​of “continuity”, “benevolence”, “trust”, “efficiency” and “teamwork” to register its action. Beyond the day-to-day work punctuated by meetings of the Council of State, the Grand Council and meetings with various partners, she appreciates the richness of the issues handled within her department. She is sometimes asked if her job as a state councilor is really a full-time occupation. She smiles as she thinks of her busy schedule. This is the main change from his previous role.

Articulating the professional and family lives of mothers The State Councilors then detailed an area in which they share a common vision and which immediately imposed itself at the crossroads of their two departments: the importance of measures to articulate professional lives and family. Florence Nater, in charge of the employment service and the family policy and equality office, and Crystel Graf, in charge of the adult and youth protection service, inevitably have to collaborate in order to ensure that pre- and extracurricular support, as well as the implementation of the MAÉ program (continuous day at school), are all necessary measures for a good professional integration of parents, in particular mothers. Women must be able to play a full role in the labor market, for the benefit of society as a whole.

Promoting the development of an inclusive society Crystel Graf and Florence Nater also intend to collaborate on another subject: the development of a more inclusive version of society, so as to allow each and every one to make their specific contribution to life. citizen. And this learning of autonomy and tolerance begins at an early age. Crystel Graf is called upon to support, with its services, the inclusion in the school system of children in all their diversity. Florence Nater must ensure the inclusion of all adults, regardless of their gender, origin, and physical or mental health. For both of them, digitization plays a central role here: in Florence Nater’s field of action, it is above all a question of strengthening skills in this area within the population, in order to ensure the best possible employability. ; for Crystel Graf, the challenge consists in particular of preparing for the effective introduction of digital education in the 3rd and 7th year classes in Neuchâtel, scheduled for August 2022.

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