MIL-OSI China: Luohu publicizes its pro-business policies in open-day activity


Source: China State Council Information Office 2

The Luohu district government and 10 sub-district offices held an open-day activity on July 21 to raise business people’s awareness of the district’s supporting policies for industries and businesses, and strengths in the district’s business environment.
The event attracted representatives of more than 100 enterprises. Some are longing to have more land and space for their future development, and some were happy to learn that the district government provides awards and subsidies for purchasing houses for enterprises building their headquarters in Luohu.
In a fair to attract investment the district government held in October last year, Luohu rolled out a 1plus 3 policy system, which consists of an administrative method and three implementation rules, to provide enterprises with full life-cycle services in terms of space, funds, talents and supporting services.
Luohu’s support for enterprises is among the strongest in Shenzhen in many fields. The highest subsidy it pledges to give headquarters enterprises buying houses in the district has risen to 80 million yuan ($12.34 million) from 60 million yuan, the highest among all districts in the city. The Luohu district government can pay as high as 40% of the actual office rent for headquarters enterprises.
Companies coming to Luohu can receive as much as 10 million yuan in subsidy, as well as some awards from the government if they are well managed and make big contributions to the government’s tax revenue.
And if they meet requirements the district sets for high-quality development, they can enjoy an award of 10 million yuan at most for its management each year.
The open-day activity builds bridges directly between real estate developers and enterprises. It offers a total of 1.39 million square meters of office buildings for rent and sales.
Officials from relevant bureaus of the district government explained the government’s supporting policies, and awards and subsidies of various sorts to representatives of the enterprises on the site, and offering the latter an opportunity to register their demands for office buildings through an enterprise service platform run by the government so as to match their demands with the supply available from real estate developers as soon as possible.

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