MIL-OSI New Zealand: Quarterly inflation rising steadily across the board – Stats NZ media and information release: Household living-costs price indexes: June 2021 quarter


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Quarterly inflation rising steadily across the board – Media release

July 27 2021

Higher prices for transport and food have driven up inflation for the all households group in the June 2021 quarter, Stats NZ said today.

The ‘all households group’ represents all private New Zealand-resident households.

Inflation for the all households group, as measured by the household living-costs price indexes (HLPIs), increased by 1.1 percent in the June 2021 quarter. Each quarter, the HLPIs calculate how inflation affects 13 different groups, while the consumers price index calculates how inflation affects New Zealand as a whole. In the June 2021 quarter, all 13 groups experienced inflation of between 1.0 and 1.2 percent.

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