MIL-OSI Europe: Written question – Vaccination strategy and delays in developing anti-COVID treatments – E-003401/2021


Source: European Parliament

In May 2021, the Commission began to talk about the need to take action to combat COVID-19 by developing treatments because, as Commissioner Kyriakides herself claimed, despite vaccination ‘the virus will not disappear and patients will need safe and effective treatment’.

However, data from one of the countries which is the furthest ahead in the vaccination campaign, Israel, show worrying limitations in the use of the vaccine, as 40% of those infected with the Delta variant had already been vaccinated with two doses.

And yet, despite the uncertainty about vaccine effectiveness data, the health strategy has so far been almost exclusively focused on vaccines, with more than EUR 2.5 billion having been allocated merely to finance their initial production costs, as opposed to only around EUR 200 million earmarked for the COVID-19 treatment strategy.

In the light of the above:

1. What are the EMA data on the efficacy of the vaccines developed so far in relation to the new COVID variants?

2. Why have we waited so long to launch a strategy for the development of COVID treatments?

3. Why are more resources not being invested in the development of such treatments?

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