MIL-OSI Translation: Conclusion of the 5th France-Oceania Summit by President Emmanuel Macron.


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Well thank you all very much for the almost two and a half hours we spent together, while it is late with some on a Sunday night, with others on a Monday night. So thank you for these substantial exchanges of views which truly establish our common strategy in the Pacific and the ambition for effective and common, concrete action.

The first is obviously the one facing the epidemic. In saying this, I again want to have a thought for all the victims of Covid-19, and here I want to reiterate the importance of the Covax mechanism of the Act-A initiative, which has already delivered nearly 800,000 vaccines in the Peaceful. Vaccine deliveries now need to accelerate. France contributes every week to the Covax mechanism to the tune of several hundreds of thousands, even millions of delivery doses, and we will continue to be very vigilant in this matter. I have made a commitment that France will deliver 60 million doses as part of the Covax mechanism. And we will obviously be very careful to ensure that the Pacific benefits from it.

The second element on which I wanted to emphasize is obviously the security of the region which is at the heart of our Indo-Pacific strategy with the French communities in the Pacific, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna. We are deploying and will continue to deploy to support our Pacific neighbors, in particular in the areas of territorial sea surveillance, fisheries policing, rescue at sea and assistance to vessels in difficulty such as the fight against maritime pollution. And as such, the Armed Forces in New Caledonia, based in Noumea, the Armed Forces in French Polynesia, based in Papeete, play a decisive role with support in the region, more broadly from our existing bases, including the Arab Emirates. United and Djibouti, but also those based in the Indian Ocean. To better cope with the logic of predation of which we are collectively victims, I wish to consolidate our maritime cooperation network in the South Pacific and we are going to launch a South Pacific coastguard network around 3 pillars: the exchange of information, operational cooperation and training. This network will be created for the benefit of the Pacific States and to protect the first of their wealth, which is the maritime space.

Third remark after the Covid and the security of the region, it is obviously climate change and all the disruptions it induces and which are now affecting our environmental heritage, our economies, our cultures, our lifestyles. The IPCC reports are very clear in this regard. We must do all we can to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, to limit the devastating effects of climate change. And as such, our coordination for COP 26 is extremely important with enhanced nationally determined contributions as well as long-term strategies aimed at climate neutrality. To do this, I invite you all to join the Coalition for Carbon Neutrality so that we can show together our collective determination to fight climate change and the Niulakita declaration which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse by ships. And you can count on France’s determination to also raise the necessary funds to support the energy transition. This is the reason why we have set the objective of 100 billion dollars per year in climate finance for developing countries. More specifically on solar energy, new projects will emerge within the framework of the International Solar Alliance and France has increased its contribution by one million euros to materialize this rise in power.

But I would like to reiterate here how the States you represent are very low emitters. We know this well and therefore the question is not so much that of efforts as far as you are concerned if it is not through setting an example. But you are the first victims with several of you. I am thinking of our friends in Kiribati, victim of the consequences, and that is also why our strategy will continue to be deployed to protect spaces, populations, as we will do together with President FRITCH, moreover, in a few days, as far as French Polynesia is concerned. If our mobilization on the climate was essential, we must also mobilize ourselves on biodiversity with the prospect of IUCN in Marseille and the Cop 15 in Kunming and we all share the objective in this regard of protecting 30% of the planet and in particular of the blue planet. This requires working on the implementation of marine protected areas so that the Pacific can show its voice by hosting the largest marine protected area in the world. In several respects, you have recalled the importance of the commitments made by sovereign states such as regional organizations here present. But we must continue to mark this ambition, to carry it, to defend it and precisely, to engage others. I am thinking in particular of the launch of negotiations on a comprehensive agreement against plastics; for which I count on your commitment since it is in the Pacific that the new plastic continent is located. There will soon be more of this substance in the oceans than there are fish.

From this commitment to the protection of biodiversity and resilience to climate change was born the Kiwa initiative in 2020, which supports, for example, a regional network of educational organic farms in Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Nauru , Tonga. In order to continue our commitment, we are going to increase our funding to the tune of 5 million euros and I thank the partners who have done the same, whether it is the European Union for 4 million euros, the New Zealand for 1.2 million euros, which means that in total, more than 10 million euros will be mobilized to continue supporting this Kiwa initiative. Particular attention must also be paid to coral reefs decimated by global warming, which will also lead to an increase in our commitment within the Global Fund for Coral Reefs to the tune of 3 million euros. On this point, coral reefs are very concrete victims of global warming, of imbalances, of changes in the acidity of our marine waters with profound upheavals of our ecosystems.

Climate change also requires a position of vigilance and responsiveness in the face of natural disasters. France has always been at the side of the Pacific in these difficult times, in particular within the framework of the France agreement with our Australian New Zealand partners by providing aerial reconnaissance means, providing humanitarian equipment, and deploying specialists, and we took over the presidency of the France mechanism at the beginning of this month with the ambition to further improve our response capacities, including in the health sector.

Finally, fourth remark after the questions of Covid-19, security, climate change and its consequences in terms of impact on biodiversity and natural disasters, the last challenge is obviously that of economic development, connectivity in everything. the space we are talking about. And this will require a strong mobilization, and I am aware of this, also a strong mobilization of France, but also of the European Union. As such, we have made several decisions. We are going to double the French contribution to the Pacific Fund, rising to 3 million euros, which promotes the integration of French Pacific communities into their regional environment. We will also support projects in the region, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and others, and extend the mandate of the French Development Agency to projects contributing to the mitigation of the effects of climate change. These decisions are consistent with the bond that unites us and I wanted to confirm them to you here. But we also have a greater ambition for the European Union, which has adopted a budget for the period 2021-2027 which makes it possible to mobilize an envelope of 8 and a half billion euros in favor of Asia and the Pacific and new instruments, in particular guarantees, to support enhanced cooperation with third countries specifically linked to connectivity. Alignment with international standards, the principles of good governance such as the G20 principles for investments in quality infrastructure and sustainable financing are key issues in this regard. And I know that in particular, my friend Scott MORRISON supports the importance of these common principles and precisely these common rules in terms of economic development, which is both an ability to support the integration of the area and to us. protect, if I may say so, from intrusions, from elements of destabilization of powers which do not share our values ​​and our rules of good governance.

Finally, I would like to focus on an irreplaceable connectivity that we miss so much today is human connectivity. It is at the heart of our peaceful relations between our peoples, and I want to speak in particular of sport since I am going to Tokyo in a few days to attend the opening of the Olympic Games. And I take this opportunity to congratulate my friend Edouard FRITCH on behalf of French Polynesia since Tahiti will host Olympic surfing events during the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024, and the region will be at the heart of the French Olympics in 2024. It is an unprecedented competition, on a unique site, which celebrated a sport born in the waves of the Pacific. France will also be particularly honored to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023, which will welcome many of your athletes as the region excels in this sport. But it also means continuing to develop our cultural ties, as President Mapou recalled earlier. As we have recalled several times, cultural links, scientific links, academic links, and it is extremely important that, as President Mapou said, that we can have precisely the recognition of these links also between each other. These are as many projects for the future as there are among all our peoples in the region.

There you go, thank you for this 5th summit. I suggest that we remain very closely coordinated with a view to the summit of the World Conservation Congress in Marseille, the COP in Glasgow and the COP 15 in Kunming. I propose that we hold around the years 2023-2024 the 6th summit with the prospect, above all, of having a summit that will make it possible to prepare multilateral deadlines which will not fail to arrive in this period as long as I think that these summits are useful. to coordinate us and produce useful results precisely in the perspective of multilateral events. Because the voice of the region and of what you represent, of what the Pacific represents is important in the context of contemporary multilateralism. Thank you my friends for your time and good night to many of you!

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