MIL-OSI Video: UK House of Lords Podcast| Lord Speaker, Horizons Scandal and future threats to the UK | House of Lords


Source: United Kingdom UK House of Lords (video statements)

What drove Lord McFall of Alcluith to stand for election as Lord Speaker, and what does he hope to achieve?

This month we speak to the newly elected Lord Speaker about his career as a teacher and then in Parliament.

‘The best think tank in town’

Lord McFall also explains what makes the House of Lords unique, responding to the pandemic and how he thinks both Houses of Parliament should collaborate more.

‘What has driven me has been a sense of monstrous injustice which has got to be put right.’

We also speak to Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom, who has been campaigning for subpostmasers who have been wrongly convicted for more than a decade. He explains how the Horizon scandal began, what needs to be done and what drives him and others to campaign for justice.

‘What we were worried about in that particular session, was the risk that the politicians and the strategists might lack the imagination to work out what could get us.’

Lord Arbuthnot also explains the work of the new Lords committee that he chairs, exploring what potential risks the UK could face in the future and how the country can be better prepared for them.

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