MIL-OSI United Kingdom: Lisa Nandy responds to Biden-Putin summit – The Labour Party


Source: Labour Party UK

Lisa Nandy MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, responding to Biden-Putin summit in Geneva, said:

“The robust approach set out by President Biden today left no doubt that there will be consequences for Russian interference in elections, cyber-attacks against democratic countries and human rights abuses. This is consistent and clear-eyed leadership in the face of a threat – Boris Johnson could learn from the new President.

“More than 18 months after the publication of the Russia Report, not one of the 21 recommendations have been implemented leaving our defences down and ensuring the London remains a safe haven for the corrupt elites and their money that helps sustain the Putin regime.

“From the shocking use of chemical weapons on British soil to clandestine cyber-attacks, it is essential that the Russian government is robustly challenged over its unacceptable actions.

“The UK should stand united with the US and our allies in taking a firm and consistent approach to Russia.”

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