MIL-OSI Security: Commissioner joins officers on patrol in west London


Source: United Kingdom London Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Commissioner Cressida Dick joined officers on patrols in and around the Mozart Estate in West London today, Wednesday, 16 June.

The estate has recently seen some incidents of serious violence and along with local neighbourhood officers and the Violent Crime Task Force, the Commissioner undertook patrols, weapon sweeps and took the opportunity to speak to local residents.

Whilst there, the Commissioner spoke to the media about matters arising from the recently released report by the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel, and the panel’s view that the Metropolitan Police Service was ‘institutionally corrupt’.

The Commissioner said: “I don’t believe we are institutionally corrupt, I don’t accept that.

“I have the deepest feelings for Daniel Morgan’s family, they have shown extraordinary grit, determination and courage. Yesterday I apologised, again, to them for our failings and the fact we have not brought anyone to justice despite six investigations, countless other reviews and work.

“And for the fact that, in so doing, we have clearly, we the Met, of which I’m very proud to be the Commissioner, have caused extra anguish, but I don’t accept we are institutionally corrupt, no.”

The Commissioner also said of allegations she personally obstructed the panels work: “I didn’t obstruct their work. At all times I set out to give them maximum cooperation, and to ensure that they had full disclosure and that we worked as well as possible with them.

“I regret, of course, that they see it that way. I absolutely don’t. I think I was reasonable, rational, acting with integrity, determination, for us to show the utmost integrity. And throughout I took advice from experts.”

The Commissioner also said she had no intention of resigning and of Met officers, she said: “My people do very difficult work, they have to make very difficult decisions often with far too little time, sometimes with far too little information.

“I’m very proud of them, I love my job and I will continue to do it. I am an honourable person. If I thought I should be considering my position I would be, but I don’t.”

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