MIL-OSI Europe: Written question – Misuse of EU funds to the detriment of the European Union – E-002932/2021


Source: European Parliament

The Israeli internal security service recently informed the Commission that several million euros of EU funding had been misappropriated and channelled to the armed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The allegations, which must be subjected to a full investigation, come as no surprise, given the Union’s considerable propensity to put itself forward as the guardian of global humanitarian civil society. The facts prove that the likelihood of being deceived is also considerable.

Sadly, the violent outbreaks currently taking place in the Middle East are increasing the sensitivity of this matter.

It is in the Union’s interests to pay close attention to the direct and indirect consequences of its humanitarian commitment, which is considered irresponsible in many quarters. The financing of NGOs which are complicit in smuggling in the Mediterranean and are therefore contributing to Europe being overrun, is a good illustration of this. One might conclude that the Union is acting against the interests of its own people.

1. How will the Commission ensure that NGOs which receive EU funding make full and honest use of it?

2. Will the Commission be undertaking a thorough revision of all financing programmes targeting NGOs in order to defend Europe’s best interests?

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