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New York, USA, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Benefits of Bulk Email Verifier

A Bulk Email verifier gives you an easy way to immediately clean your list of invalid email addresses that contain syntax errors, typos, and other factors like list addresses and full inboxes. In addition, bulk email verification tools help avoid hard and soft bounces. High bounce rates can lead to the blocking of your emails by internet service providers (ISPs)

Get Accurate Results with Bulk Email Checker 

Bulk Email verification depicts the vital process of analyzing the Email’s validity and its deliverability. Bulk Email Verification Services like Mailveteran are excellent for email marketers and developers to avoid hard bounces and soft bounces for better reputation protection. Mailveteran Bulk email checker Increase the deliverability of your mails to 99% by checking each recipient’s Email through various checks, including syntax check, domain, catch-all, and MX record checks. Sign up Now to Get Free 200 Email Validation Credits Now. 

Features of Bulk Email Verifier :

Bulk Email checker Like Mailveteran helps to eliminate fake or invalid email addresses with up to 99% accuracy. In addition, email verification Tools presents a box full of features and services to help your business blend out its maximum potential:

  • Filter recipients emails for Valid, Invalid, Catch-all status, Role account, Role Account, Disposable Account, Syntax Error, Spam Trap, and Abuse Email Verifier 
  • Mailveteran tool integrates directly with Leading Email Marketing Platforms including Mailchimp, Hubspot, Jotforms, Typeform, etc. You can directly import your email list from these platforms and export your verified emails Back from the Bulk email validator.
  • Mailveteran Mail Merge allows you to verify Email directly in Gsheets by using API without sharing your recipient email data with our servers.
  • Real-time Bulk Email validation API, which connects, validates, and updates mass email lists.
  • Mailveteran Free Mail merge Addon for Gsheets allows you to send bulk personalized emails through your Gmail account while tracking the number of opens, clicks, replies, and unsubscribes to assist you in understanding the customer’s needs. The users can personalize the bulk emails, add links and attachments to increase their efficiency, and schedule emails for later.

Price: Mailveteran provides a free 200 bulk email validation credits after the sign-up process. If You have Bigger Database to validate, You can always Purchase Bulk Email validation credits. The pricing is 30-60% lower than other leading services such as Zerobounce, Hunter, etc., and starts from just $150 for around 100K Bulk Email validations.

How to Clean Email list with Mailveteran Bulk Email Verifier?

To get started with the Bulk Email Verifier:

  1. Go to the Bulk Email Verifier section of your account.
  2. Click on the Email list section.
  3. Select + Add New and upload Your Email List.
  4. Click Verify Now

You will now have two options to import your list of emails by uploading a CSV file or connecting your account with your Preferred Email Sending partners, such as Mailchimp or Typeform. 
Drag and drop your file directly on the webpage. Make sure to upload a .txt or .csv file containing all the email addresses you want to verify. This file should have one column containing your Bulk email address.
If your file has more than one column, You need to select the column containing the emails to be verified.

Download and understand your results

Click the Verify button to process your file. After your emails are verified, you will see an overview of the results. Next, click the Download button to download your list to a CSV file. You can either download all the email addresses or a filtered email list based on various statuses.

The possible Bulk Email verification statuses:

Deliverable: Email Addresses that are 100% safe to send your Email.
Non Deliverables: Email Addresses which does pass our deliverability test and don’t exist.
Syntax Error: Email addresses having improper syntax such as misplaced @ or website Url
Free Account: Email Addresses created on Gmail, Yahoo, and other free email service providers
Role Account: Role accounts are email addresses that are not associated with a particular person but rather with a company, department, position, or group (admin@, support@, sales@)
Disposable Account: The Email is temporary and should not be used. It has not been verified.

According to a Nielsen Holdings plc survey, for 28% of marketers the Quality of data used for marketing was a top priority. With a Bulk email checker, you can clean your Bulk email list to ensure that your data list is free of errors and has high deliverability. 

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