MIL-OSI Asia-Pac: Vietnam promotes vaccination strategy


Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Over the past year and a half, the COVID-19 pandemic has raged around the world, affectingover 175 million people and claiming the lives of nearly 3.8 million. It has affected the socio-economic lives of countries at different levels; however, in general, most countries’ socio-economic situations got turned upside down, including Vietnam. The fourth outbreak in Vietnam has seen a new virus strain capable of spreading quickly, mainly in industrial zones and at events with large crowds. Therefore, it has spread on a large scale quickly.

Due to not fully understanding the danger and rapid spread of the new virus strain, at first, several localities were confused and passive in their control of the epidemic. However, under the close direction of the Prime Minister and the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control as well as the drastic response of ministries, agencies and localities, the the epidemic has been basically brought under control. The number of infections in the two “hotspots” of Bac Giang and Bac Ninh decreased more than in previous weeks. Ho Chi Minh City has mobilised all its resources to focus on tracing, zoning and handling outbreaks to avoid the epidemic’s spread. Localities throughout the country have always concentrated all their forces on meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, focusing on monitoring, detecting and handling outbreaks in the community to continue the implementation of the “dual goal” of epidemic control and socio-economic development. However, the reality in foreign countries proves that vaccination is the most effective solution to prevent, repel and basically solve the COVID-19 pandemic. Most countries have been striving to achieve a target of vaccine coverage for at least two-thirds of the population by the end of 2021.

Vietnam has chosen vaccination coverage to create herd immunity, so a series of plans are being implemented. The Ministry of Health has issued the 5K plus vaccination message, of which 5K is a short-term solution and vaccines are a long-term one. Vaccination to prevent COVID-19 is now a right for each person and also the responsibility of the community.

Under the direction of the Politburo, Secretariat, President, Government and Prime Minister, COVID-19 prevention and control measures have been conducted synchronously with the harmonious, reasonable and effective combination between defense and attack. The Ministry of Health has deployed its vaccination strategy, striving to have 150 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines for about 75% of the population, as a premise to bringing life back to normal. Through negotiations and exchanges, suppliers and manufacturers around the world have pledged to supply about 130 million doses of vaccine to Vietnam from now until the end of 2021. The Ministry of Health is continuing to boost negotiations and exchanges with international organisations and producers to ensure an adequate supply of 150 million doses.

On the other hand, in order to ensure a sustainable financial source for the fight against the epidemic, the Prime Minister decided to launch the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund. It will prioritise the purchase and import of vaccines, the research and production of domestic vaccines and the use of all vaccines for the people. With that noble purpose, the Fund has received the enthusiastic support of organisations, agencies, businesses, benefactors and people both in the country and abroad. That consensus beautifies the Vietnamese people’s tradition of solidarity, patriotism and compassion.

With the appropriate solutions and consensus among people from all walks of life, it can be believed Vietnam will beat COVID-19.

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