MIL-OSI Translation: Fire letter from environmental association leaders: Stop dishonest election campaigns at the expense of the climate!


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Source: Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany Dear Sir or Madam, Germany is miles away from making its contribution to complying with the 1.5 degree limit for global heating. Therefore, we now need a party contest over the best measures for climate protection. And honesty towards the electorate, also with regard to the costs of neglecting to act. Every delayed measure in climate protection will cause major economic damage in the near future, which in turn will burden individual social groups more than others. Instead, we are experiencing a dishonest election campaign at the expense of the climate and biodiversity. The acceptance in the population that is essential for climate protection. is currently being deliberately or negligently destroyed. Federal Ministers Olaf Scholz and Andreas Scheuer are publicly polemicising against the gradual increase in CO2 prices and the associated increase in petrol and diesel prices. They introduced this instrument themselves. When this climate protection instrument was introduced, we campaigned for a per capita repayment of the CO2 price proceeds. The government made up of CDU, CSU and SPD have decided against a socially fair design of the CO2 price and are now criticizing the climate protection instrument for precisely that. If you are serious about climate protection, then write a socially progressive repayment in the legal journal now. Because petrol price populism in the Bild newspaper cannot cure this government mistake. While parts of the Union are again appealing to the hearts of motorists, they are blocking a fair distribution of the CO2 price for heating in the Bundestag at the expense of the tenants. Social responsibility certainly looks different. We environmental associations advocate a mix of regulatory instruments and gradually increasing CO2 pricing. Because only if we set the right course today and, among other things, introduce strict CO2 limit values ​​for cars, will CO2 prices not skyrocket by the end of the decade. The culmination of dishonesty is when politicians who reject all effective and socially acceptable measures and want to regulate everything on the price, rail against higher CO2 prices. We call on all parties to fight for the growing number of voters who want more climate protection, instead of trying to push this number down again through dishonest arguments against climate protection measures. Because anyone who, like parts of the federal government and other democratic parties, leads election campaigns at the expense of the climate is endangering approval for the far-reaching changes that are necessary for climate neutrality and the stop of species extinction. All democratic parties have a responsibility to protect the climate. Nobody can do this Herculean task alone. We therefore appeal to all democratic parties: fight for the right instruments to achieve the constitutional climate goals and stop species extinction, and put an end to dishonest disinformation. Show what you can before the election – wherever you are in government responsibility! The coalition in the federal government now has the chance to strengthen climate protection through specific resolutions and to start the election campaign credibly. It must not limit itself to merely having constitutionally reformed the Climate Protection Act. Because the law specifies above all goals. In order to achieve climate neutrality, however, appropriate measures are required. That is why our special appeal is made to the governing parties: End the election campaign polemics at the expense of the climate and convince with action. Yours sincerely, Christiane Averbeck, Managing Director of Climate Alliance Germany, Christoph Bautz, Managing Director of CAMPACTAntje von Broock, Federal Managing Director of BUND, Martin Kaiser, Managing Director of Greenpeace, Silvie Kreibiehl, CEO of Greenpeace, Silvie Kreibiehl, CEO Andreas Krüger, NABU President Sascha Müller-Kraenner, Federal Managing Director DUHKai Niebert, DNR President


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