MIL-OSI Security: Man sentenced for assaulting children – Windsor


Source: United Kingdom Thames Valley Police

Following a Thames Valley Police investigation, a man has been sentenced for assaulting his children in Windsor.

Rachid Khadla, aged 56, from Windsor, was sentenced to two years and four months’ imprisonment in a hearing at Reading Crown Court on Friday (16/4).

He was found guilty by unanimous jury verdict of two counts of assaulting a person thereby occasioning actual bodily harm and three counts of assault/ill-treat/neglect/abandon a child/young person to cause unnecessary suffering/injury.

Khadla subjected his three children (now adults) to abuse between 1998 and 2019. He also controlled all aspects of their lives, from what they wore to the food they would eat and who they could be friends with.

Khadla was arrested on 17 October 2019 and charged on 17 July 2020.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Sherise Humphreys, of the Child Abuse Investigation Unit, said: “I hope that this case gives other victims of domestic violence and child abuse the encouragement to come forward and to report to police.

“No matter what the time frame is. We take all such allegations seriously.

“I would like to thank the family for having the courage to stand in court and relive the trauma that they have had to endure over so many years.

“I hope the sentence today can help draw a line under what has happened so that the family can move on and finally have some closure.”


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