MIL-OSI Russia: Sergei Sobyanin opened the Sokol depot after reconstruction


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April 10, 2021 2:44 pm

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It will become the main service for the green line of the Moscow metro.

On the Zamoskvoretskaya line of the Moscow metro, after the reconstruction, the Sokol electric depot started working.

“Every year more and more metro stations are being commissioned in Moscow, more and more trains are on the line. In the last 10 years, the number of rolling stock and the number of passenger seats in the metro has increased by 40 percent compared to what has been done in all previous decades, that is, the leap is huge, simply gigantic. In part, it also happened due to the fact that the operational services, repair teams began to work better, and the service of trains improved. Muscovites, probably, do not think about it when they enter the washed, clean, tidy subway cars in the morning, which prepare the services of such depots all night long for them, carrying out current and major repairs, servicing them, sanitizing trains so that in during the day all this worked like clockwork, “- noted

Sergei Sobyanin at the opening ceremony of the depot.

The Moscow Mayor thanked the builders for the work done. According to him, in order to create a service, which includes a huge number of different specialists, a large car-repair plant is needed. In recent years, 11 similar factories have already been built and reconstructed – half of those that serve the capital’s metro.

“In the coming years, we have yet to build and reconstruct six such plants. In order to launch the Big Circle Metro Line, the radial metro lines that we are building, ”he said.

Trains on the Zamoskvoretskaya line of the Moscow Metro serve the Sokol, Zamoskvoretskoye and Brateevo depots. They produce 79 trains on the line every day. However, already in 2021, the Zamoskvoretskoye depot will be busy working with the rolling stock of the Big Circle Metro Line. In this regard, in order to replace the retiring capacities, it was decided to reconstruct one of the oldest Moscow depot “Sokol”, opened in 1938.

In just two years – from 2019 to April 2021 – a modern slop and repair building was built on the site of the old electric rolling stock repair plant. It is located at: Leningradskoe shosse, possession 2b. The building has a gas boiler room, a traction-step-down substation, and a compressor room. In addition, there is a sewage treatment plant and an automatic fire extinguishing pumping system with a reservoir. A new administrative building for staff was also erected. The total area of ​​the new depot facilities was 24.3 thousand square meters.

Thanks to the reconstruction, the capacities of the Sokol depot have doubled – the number of places for standing and servicing trains has increased from 24 to 46.

After putting the new building into operation, 30 trains instead of 15 will be able to enter the depot overnight. In addition, the productivity of current repairs has been increased by 1.5 times – from 1490 to 2350 wagons per year. The technical inspection of trains before entering the line will now take place directly at the depot. Previously, this procedure was carried out at special technical inspection points in the turnaround dead ends of the Zamoskvoretskaya line, which created significant difficulties for the personnel.

Thanks to the reconstruction of the Sokol depot, passengers will be transported by even better-prepared trains, and the level of service and reliability of the Moscow metro will also increase.

At the same time, the cost of car repairs will decrease, manual labor and electricity consumption will decrease. Thanks to the reconstruction and expansion of capacities, about 100 new jobs will appear in the Sokol depot. In total, over 1100 people will be employed there.

Comfortable conditions for the staff have been created in the new administrative building. The drivers will be able to relax in hotel-type rooms with all the amenities. There is a dining room and a gym.

Technological processes in the new complex fully comply with the modern standards of the Moscow Metro depot.

Development of an electric depot

The Moscow metro has 20 electric depots. Depot 21 – “Nizhegorodskoye” – will start operating after the commissioning of the eastern section of the Big Circle Line (BCL).

The fleet of rolling stock currently in operation is 6,219 cars of various models. The depot employs 15.8 thousand people, including 5299 drivers.

“Even the reconstructed electric depots, in fact, are new huge workshops next to the old ones. Here, for example, on Sokol, a huge capacity plant for the operation of rolling stock has been built. The second stage will reconstruct the existing buildings, which are morally and physically obsolete. In general, of course, this makes it possible for the service personnel to work normally, to have a rest for teams in administrative and amenity buildings, to carry out high-quality repairs of rolling stock, to ensure the safety and quality of service for Muscovites, ”said the Moscow Mayor.

In addition to performing its main function – sludge, scheduled maintenance and cleaning of rolling stock, electric depots are the basic enterprises for the repair of electric trains and auxiliary production, and also serve as accommodation for personnel and equipment of various underground services.

Since 2011, as part of the Moscow Metro development program, 11 electric depots have been built and reconstructed. This includes six new depots: Mitino, Brateevo, Nizhegorodskoe (first stage), Likhobory, Solntsevo and Rudnevo. Five depots were reconstructed. These are “Pechatniki”, “Vykhino”, “Planernoe”, “Vladykino” and “Sokol”.

In 2022–2023, it is planned to build two more depots – “Aminevskoye” and “Yuzhnoye” (“Brateevo-2”). Thus, by the end of 2023, the rolling stock of the Moscow Metro will be serviced by 23 electric depots. Of these, three depots – Zamoskvoretskoye, Nizhegorodskoye and Aminevskoye – will operate as part of the Big Circle Line.

In 2024–2027, it is planned to reconstruct the Novogireevo depot on the Kalininskaya line, to build the Salaryevo (Stolbovo) depot on the Sokolnicheskaya line, as well as two depots in Troitsk to service the Troitskaya metro line. The prospective Rublevo-Arkhangelskaya and Biryulevskaya lines will include the construction of the Ilyinskoye and Krasny Stroitel (Biryulevskoye) electric depots.

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