MIL-OSI Asia-Pac: Ho Chi Minh City: Two-month foreign investment stands at US$337.8 million


Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Real estate attracted most of the sum, US$145.1 million or 43% of the total. It was followed by science – technology (US$57.5 million, 17%) and processing – manufacturing industry (US$41 million, 12.1%), the municipal Department of Planning and Investment said.

The southern economic hub lured three new foreign investment projects worth US$115 million in January and February, it said, citing complex developments of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world as the reason.

Up to 99.7% of the new capital was channelled into real estate, with 29.6% from Singapore and 70.1% from the Netherlands.

From the year’s beginning to February 20, HCM City saw 22 existing projects have US$53.3 million added to their registered capital.

Foreign investors also spent US$169.5 million on capital contributions to or share purchase in local firms during the time, data showed.

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