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The listeners will be told how to think over an idea for a startup, turn a hobby into a successful business project, as well as find new sales markets and develop an effective advertising campaign.

On the eve of March 8, an educational program dedicated to women’s entrepreneurship was prepared in the capital. GBU “Small Business of Moscow” invites you to visit the forum and listen to an online course, within which you can learn about the nuances of doing business. All events are free, pre-registration is required to participate.

“Today women successfully combine household chores, childcare and running their own business. Moscow offers many training courses and trainings to fill in the missing knowledge and acquire the necessary skills to start a business. In honor of International Women’s Day, we are launching a training program for aspiring business women. They will get acquainted with the basics of entrepreneurship, and also learn how to monetize their hobbies, find new sales markets and plan their time wisely, ”said the head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development

Alexey Fursin.

Hear success stories and ask consultants a question

The educational program will begin with the Women’s Business Forum. It will be held on March 4 from 13:00 to 18:00 in the Digital Business Space (CDP) at 47 Pokrovka Street.

During the motivational session, successful entrepreneurs will speak. Among them are founders of marketing and image agencies, owners of cosmetic brands and other business women. They will tell you how you achieved success, what mistakes they made at the beginning of the journey and what they managed to learn over the years of work. It will also focus on business etiquette and dress code at meetings with partners. In addition, lecturers will explain how creative people can turn a hobby into an international business project and start making money on it.

The forum will also touch upon the topic of the psychology of entrepreneurship. Participants will learn about methods of getting rid of internal boundaries that hinder success, the principles of selecting a cohesive and effective team and promoting a personal brand.

During the forum, specialists from the Small Business of Moscow institution and the employment center My Work will be on duty in the lobby of the Central Control Center. You can contact consultants with any questions about starting your own startup and running a business.

Registration for the forum is open on website MBM.

Develop an idea and scale your business

From March 11 to April 1, the online course “Self-employed in my favorite business” will be held. It consists of seven informative webinars. Participants are invited to study the stages of starting a business from scratch – from identifying a niche and target audience to launching an effective advertising campaign.

You can join all classes from 17:00 to 18:00. Oksana Sharaya, an entrepreneur and a specialist in the field of women’s startups, will speak. After each lesson, students will be asked to do their homework.

The first training “Meanings” will help to define a niche and develop a financial strategy. Students will also learn how to properly distribute tasks throughout the day in order to devote time to work and family. You can join the webinar “Meanings” on March 11, registration is open at website MBM.

The “Values” webinar will allow you to determine the values ​​of the company – for example, it can be concern for the environment or contribution to the development of innovations. Future entrepreneurs will be explained why the intersection of the values ​​of the company and its clients is so important. The lesson will be held on March 15, it is necessary pre-entry.

They will talk about how to compose a portrait of a potential client at the lesson “Target Audience” on March 18. You can sign up for it here… And at the webinar “Products” on March 22, we will talk about how to develop a line of products and add up their final cost for the buyer. Registration is available at website MBM.

Training “USP” on March 25 will be devoted to the topic of uniqueness of products or services, ways to distinguish a product from competitors. For the webinar you need pre-entry… And in the Engagement Channels lesson on March 29, a group of students will discuss free ways to acquire customers, such as using a brand page on social media or a website. check in is already open.

The course will end with a webinar “Advertising Campaign”. Women will develop an advertising campaign for their project, which will allow them to find new clients and increase profits. The last lesson will take place on April 1st, registration is available at website MBM.

How else does Small Business of Moscow help entrepreneurs

Mbm.mos is a project of the Small Business of Moscow State Budgetary Institution, subordinate to the city Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development… More than 20 online and business services are available to entrepreneurs. Using the portal, you can get free consulting and educational support.

For example, the Counterparty Check service will make it possible to verify the reliability of the partner. An interactive assistant will tell you what financial, tax, property, legal support measures are suitable for a specific business, and in the “Consultation” section they will help you solve a specific problem. Also, thanks to the mbm.mos services, you can check the legality of the office sign or find a favorable tax regime.

Small Business of Moscow offers training programs to choose from. For example, MBM Startup School is an intensive course for those who want to develop their business project. And thanks to the MBM Online Academy project, entrepreneurs will learn how to increase sales, develop a marketing strategy and create a recognizable brand. In addition, accelerators are held for businessmen, which are dedicated to certain areas.

Last year, the institution held more than 1.3 thousandseminars, webinars, conferences, forums and intensive courses for entrepreneurs. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, most of them took place online on the mbm.mos portal.

You can get acquainted with the detailed program on mbm.mos in the section “Training”.

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