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Corona pandemic has revealed weaknesses

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus has spoken out in favor of a comprehensive modernization of the administration. In the corona pandemic, you “saw what wasn’t working under a magnifying glass,” Brinkhaus said at the beginning of the week of the Bundestag session. With a view to a careful relaxation of the contact restrictions, he advocated the broad use of rapid tests.

“We need the big hit”

The chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group made it clear that the administrative reform is not about the abolition of federalism, but about reforming it. The structure of the institutions must be changed, the administration digitized, processes must be accelerated. The aim is for the state to be better prepared for coming crises – be it a pandemic, coping with the consequences of climate change or a cyber attack – and to be able to act more flexibly. Brinkhaus admitted, however, that the project could not be completed by the end of the legislative period. Rather, it will keep the government busy: “What we need is the big hit.”

“At the weekend I made a contribution to modernizing the administration”, explains @rbrinkhaus. “I think this is an urgent issue.” Deficits would become apparent in times of crisis. Now there is “the chance to modernize our state”.

– CDU / CSU (@cducsubt) February 23, 2021

Step by step to the opening

Regarding the current corona situation, Brinkhaus said that they had now reached a phase in which one could approach the pandemic in a more differentiated manner. Testing and vaccination are now very important tools to accompany a careful opening strategy. First, however, the number of new infections with the corona virus must go down, he emphasized. Then you can go forward “very responsibly, step by step”.

Dealing with #Corona will also be the main topic in today’s parliamentary group meeting, @rbrinkhaus clarifies in the statement. The first schools and daycare centers open, hairdressing salons follow. “There’s a lot to talk about.” One must continue to deal with epidemiological modeling.

– CDU / CSU (@cducsubt) February 23, 2021

Evaluate the consequences of loosening

After a downward trend that lasted for weeks, the number of new infections is currently stagnating. Brinkhaus spoke of a sideways movement that was due to the mutation of the virus. He advocated evaluating how the partial resumption of school operations on Monday and the upcoming opening of the hairdressers on March 1 would affect the infection rate. It is to be avoided that one first loosens the measures in order to then have to tighten them again.

On March 3, the Prime Ministers of the federal states want to discuss the next steps together with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Brinkhaus said it was good that the conference also dealt with the rapid test strategy announced by Health Minister Jens Spahn.


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