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Source: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – Report:

President Ashraf Ghani met with members of Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries this morning at the Presidential Palace.

Afsana Rahimi, Chairperson of AWCCI Board of Directors expressed gratitude to the President’s support for the private sector that enabled the chamber to make remarkable progress. She called for providing assistance to those female entrepreneurs who suffered economic losses by spread of the corona pandemic through a transparent mechanism.

Manizha Wafeq, CEO of AWCCI said, currently 2471 female entrepreneurs are engaged in entrepreneurial activities individually or in groups in the capital and provinces, adding that female entrepreneurs’ demands should be taken into account while policies and rules are formulated.

President Ashraf Ghani lauded the chamber’s efforts and said, “Within three years, you have transformed from an idea to an institution and from a network into a community.”

President Ghani stressed on providing land to female entrepreneurs in Kabul and provinces and instructed members of the chamber to utilize markets and parks dedicated to women in an appropriate manner.  

President Ghani stressed that the government pays attention to female entrepreneurs and addresses their needs and said women’s entrepreneurship and their role needs to be promoted in Kabul and other provinces.

The President said the future market has a direct relation with digitalization and called on female entrepreneurs to adapt their entrepreneurial activities with the digital transformation. 

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