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Source: CDU CSU

December 29, 2020

Those who really love food pay fair prices

In view of the renewed announcement of price cuts by the food retail sector and the nationwide farmer protests directed against it, the deputy chairwoman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Gitta Connemann, and the agricultural policy spokesman Albert Stegemann declare:

“We understand every farmer who is currently protesting against the food retail industry. The situation on the farms is desperate. You hardly have any more air to breathe. Because producer prices are historically low. In contrast, the costs have risen. The reserves have been used up after years of crisis and drought.

This situation is being ruthlessly exploited by the grocery retailer. We don’t mean the local dealer. The independent merchants often try to support their local farmers through regional purchasing. It’s about the four big corporations. With 85 percent market share, Edeka, Rewe, Lidl and Aldi are so powerful that they can dictate terms and prices. And they do it mercilessly.

Aldi is currently leading the way. According to industry information, Aldi wants to reduce the purchase prices for butter at dairies by up to 60 cents per kilogram. Such a price reduction would not be justified by the market. Aldi is playing its market power. And if Aldi reduces, the other big three will follow. The competition for market share is cannibalistic. Farmers and producers alone pay the price. Because if you don’t go along, you go under. Domestic milk, meat, fruit and vegetables are already being pitted against foreign goods. This permanently endangers Germany as an agricultural location. The CDU / CSU parliamentary group wants agriculture with a future and a future for agriculture in Germany.

The principle must be: Our food from our farmers. The big four are currently conjuring up a fair partnership with the producers in full-page advertisements. But our farmers and producers don’t need nice advertising messages, they need fair prices. That is why Federal Minister Julia Klöckner has launched the draft law for the prohibition of unfair trading practices. The CDU / CSU parliamentary group supports them in this. We expect from the big four: Don’t just talk about fairness, but live fairness.

If the Big Four are serious, they are now putting their own code of conduct on the table. A corresponding draft by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture was rejected by the Big Four on December 22, 2020 for anti-trust reasons. Your own draft should follow. But so far nothing is in sight.

The CDU / CSU parliamentary group calls on the Big Four to commit themselves:

1. Farmers and their marketing organizations are treated on an equal footing. Prices are not dictated, but negotiated. Farmers also benefit from price increases.

2. Standards are set based on scientific knowledge and with a sense of proportion. Whoever orders the music pays for it. Increased standards and the associated additional work are remunerated.

3. Unfair trading practices are not applied. In this respect, the requirements of the draft law for the implementation of the UTP directive are observed. And the trading practices of the so-called “gray list” should be observed beyond the scope of the UTP Directive and voluntarily as the practices of the “black list” as binding.

4. Quality features such as origin, regionality, animal welfare, sustainability, etc. are made recognizable for consumers. So they have a real selection decision. “


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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