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Source: South Australia Police

South Australia Police and SA Health are monitoring closely the situation in New South Wales with an increased number of COVID-19 cases being reported today.  The continued spread of cases in New South Wales is of particular concern.

This situation is volatile and changing rapidly, the South Australia State Coordinator Grant Stevens strongly urges all people from South Australia contemplating or intending to travel to New South Wales today; or in the coming days, to very seriously consider whether that travel is essential.

Further, those people who are holidaying or travelling in New South Wales should consider returning to South Australia as soon as possible.

The situation will be closely monitored overnight and reviewed again tomorrow morning.

South Australia Police continue to have a presence on the New South Wales border to ensure all people entering the state from New South Wales have submitted a cross border travel application.  This will ensure a record is maintained of those people entering the state, so if there is another outbreak, they can be contacted.

For more information about other restrictions, go to or call the COVID Information Line 1800 253 787.