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On the afternoon of 23 December 2020, Minister of Economic Affairs Mei-Hua Wang awarded a Medal of Economic Contribution to Managing Director Dick Hsieh of Merck Taiwan in recognition of his outstanding contribution during his time as Managing Director of Merck Taiwan to bring in advanced semiconductor and display material technologies as well as biopharmaceutical technologies. He has collaborated with Taiwanese firms to jointly develop the latest applications, cultivate domestic industrial talent, and spur the development of Taiwan’s electronics and biomedical industries.

In prepared remarks, Minister Wang noted that Managing Director Hsieh has worked for more than 30 years in Taiwan, where he has witnessed the establishment of Merck Taiwan and watched as it grew to employ more than 1,000 persons. Thanks to his thorough understanding of the needs of domestic manufacturers, he was able to foresee the tremendous development potential of Taiwan’s semiconductor and display industries, and he actively worked to get the Merck Group to invest in Taiwan. As a result, Taiwan has become the No. 1 contributor to the Merck Group’s global business in performance materials.

Minister Wang named a string of big successes that Mr. Hsieh has achieved over the years as Managing Director of Merck Group Taiwan, helping Taiwan’s panel display and semiconductor industries to remain a global leader. What impressed her most is that Merck has been sponsoring for fundamental science education, cultivating young talent in science and biomedicine fields.

In addition to extending best wishes to Mr. Hsieh upon his upcoming retirement in January, Minister Wang also reminisced warmly about how she had twice led investment delegations from Taiwan to visit the Merck Group headquarters in Germany, and thanked Mr. Hsieh for providing generous liaison support on both occasions. Minister Wang expressed hope that after his retirement Mr. Hsieh will continue to serve as an ambassador for friendship between Taiwan and the Merck Group headquarters, so that the two sides can maintain a lasting partnership.

Mr. Hsieh said that Merck Taiwan has always seen itself as “the one multinational in Taiwan that has gone more local than any other.” In addition to seeking actively to bring the most cutting-edge technologies and resources to Taiwan, it has also worked to train local talent to take. Merck Taiwan’s goal has always been to link Taiwan’s high-tech prowess with Merck’s core competencies to build Taiwan as a key force in future industrial trends. Mr. Hsieh added that Merck has been able to carry out multiple investments and introduce new technologies over a period of many years, thanks in no small part to the fact that Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has provided comprehensive and high-quality investment environment, and thanks also to Minister Wang’s successful marketing of Taiwan. He thanked Minister Wang for granting him the prestigious award, and said that all his colleagues at Merck shared in the honor.

The ceremony proceeded solemnly and joyfully. Among distinguished guests in attendance at the award ceremony were German Institute Taipei Director General Thomas Prinz, AmCham Taipei Chairman Chyi-Woei Chin and Chairman Leo Seewald, European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan CEO Freddie Hoglund, as well as representatives of the Taoyuan City and Kaohsiung City governments, related industry associations, and leading Taiwanese manufacturers such as AU Optronics and Micron Technology.

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