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Source: Central Bank of the Russian Federation in English

28 December 2020

The Bank of Russia recommends that all financial services providers post a link to customer communications channels including a complaints and feedback section, a chat service, a call centre, and a mobile application on the front pages of their websites.

The same font is recommended as in other important website sections. The webpage should contain a link for the user to attach files in proof of their points; there should also be a description of the procedure and deadlines for handling complaints.
The regulator’s monitoring of financial organisations’ websites revealed that complaints and feedback sections in many cases lack visibility, and consumers may struggle to locate them. Webpages often fail to mention when the consumer should expect a response (and if one should be expected at all); there may be no option to attach documents in proof of a complaint.
The Bank of Russia’s view is that it is in the interest of financial companies to implement user-friendly customer feedback channels in all available formats.
The Bank of Russia believes that best practices aimed at better financial literacy, for financial companies to take advantage of, include FAQs (the frequently asked questions section).
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