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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

The Hospital Authority announced that it will provisionally suspend the allocation of COVID-19 patients to United Christian Hospital (UCH) to enable the hospital to address the needs of its other patients.

The authority’s Chief Executive Dr Tony Ko made the statement at a press briefing today while explaining the enhanced infection control measures in public hospitals in the wake of a coronavirus outbreak at UCH.

“To deal with this fourth wave of the epidemic, we have a central allocation system of patients who are diagnosed with COVID-19 to arrange them for admission to different hospitals.

“In view of the recent outbreak in one of the hospital wards at United Christian Hospital, we think that there is a need to temporarily suspend the allocation of new confirmed COVID-19 cases to United Christian Hospital to reduce the potential demand on the hospital’s resources, so that they could have more manpower and more space to deal with other patients.”

Dr Ko added that the Community Treatment Facility of AsiaWorld-Expo can be used to help reduce the demand on the hospital’s services.

“At the moment, we still have quite a significant number of isolation beds available in different hospitals – what we call the first-tier and second-tier isolation beds.

“We also have hundreds of beds in the AsiaWorld-Expo which are able to take care of relatively stable COVID-19 patients.

“So we think that with the suspension of allocation of COVID-19 patients to United Christian Hospital, it is a way we can help to alleviate some of their pressure and at the same time without significantly affecting our capability to look after COVID-19 patients.”

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