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The author’s online tour of the “Multimedia Art Museum” exhibition is available on the website of the #Moskostoboy project. The virtual tour will introduce the townspeople to the photographs of Man Ray, Constantin Brancusi, Annie Leibovitz, Gunther Brus and other famous masters.

On the media platform #Moscowstoby an online tour of the exhibition “Some Disorder. Works from the collection of Antoine de Galbert “. The exposition includes photographs of famous artists of the 19th – 20th centuries, as well as works of contemporary photographers. Tourists, for example, will be able to see pictures of Man Ray, Constantin Brancusi, Annie Leibovitz, Gunther Brus and other masters. The virtual tour is conducted by Olga Sviblova, director of the Multimedia Art Museum.

Antoine de Galbert is the largest French collector and philanthropist. In 2004, he opened the Maison Rouge art center (“Red House”) in Paris, which has hosted the most interesting contemporary art exhibitions for 15 years. The center’s exhibition activities were based on the huge collection of Antoine de Galbert and other private collectors, as well as museum collections. At the end of 2018, the Paris gallery closed.

The exhibition in Moscow was prepared by the Multimedia Art Museum in cooperation with Antoine de Galbert. From his extensive collection, he chose for the exhibition works covering the period from the appearance of photography to the present day, and distributed them according to subjects and themes. All of them touch upon questions about the future of man, his fate and place in the world.

On an online tour, guests will get acquainted with the most interesting exhibits of the exhibition. For example, they will see the works of the Austrian conceptual artist Erwin Wood, who in his photographs supplements the human body with fantastic devices to increase its functionality. The guests will also examine the work of the action artist Gunther Brus called “Dial”. In the photograph, instead of the clock hands, various objects are depicted: a knife, a bottle of milk, and others. In this work, the artist sought to show the difference between the objective (calendar) perception of time and the subjective (how a particular person perceives time).

Another interesting exhibit on the online tour is a photograph of the Countess de Castiglione called “The Joke of Madness”. It was made by Pierre-Louis Pierson, presumably in 1861-1867. The noble lady came to France from Italy with a secret mission to persuade Napoleon III not to interfere with the unification of the Italian state. In the photograph, the Countess is wearing an unusual mask. Olga Sviblova will tell the tourists about the secret meaning of this mask and about who invented unusual images for the noble lady.

The collection contains many works related to space. A separate section of the exhibition is devoted to this topic. During the virtual tour, participants, for example, will see a series of photographs by the American physicist and astronomer Frank Ross, entitled Atlas of the Northern Milky Way. These are images from the observatory that are taken daily during stargazing and are most often discarded. Ross decided to collect photographs of the stars and show what the observatory employee sees during the day.

In addition, tourists will get acquainted with the works of photographers Eugene Smith, Agnes Joffre, Andersen Petersen, Boris Mikhailov and Christian Fogarolli. In their work, they explore the irrational side of human nature.

#Moskostoboy is a project of the Tourism Committee, launched in March 2020. On the platform, you can get acquainted with lectures, theatrical performances, literary readings, online tours, cooking shows, fashion shows and much more. The English version of the project is available to foreign users – #Moscowwithyou.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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