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MIL OSI Translation. Government of the Republic of France statements from French to English –

Source: Canton of Neuchatel Switzerland

22.12.2020 Federal affairs The Council of State responded to five federal consultation procedures: Modification of the law on the army and the organization of the army;
Amendment of the civil code (protection against attacks on the possession of a building);
Draft new law establishing the general framework for the collection of fees and concerning the control of the cross-border movement of goods and persons by the Federal Office of Customs and Border Security as well as the total revision of the law on customs in view of the new law on customs duties;
Commitment credit for the compensation of regional passenger traffic services (TRV) for the years 2022-2025;
Amendment of the ordinance on measures in the field of unemployment insurance in connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) (Ordinance COVID-19 unemployment insurance). Responses to the federal consultations are available at affairs Federal law on gambling The Council of State adopted the implementing regulations for the law introducing the federal law on gambling (RELILJAr). This fixes the application of cantonal law adapted to the new federal legislation on gambling, following the acceptance of report 20.021 by the Grand Council on May 26. In particular, these regulations specify the implementing provisions for the organization of small-scale games and therefore also clarify the authorizations for poker tournaments. In addition, it explains the allocation of the 10% of the share of operating profits of Loterie Romande allocated to the Council of State to support public events, one-off or recurring, having a tourist impact and generating significant spinoffs. This specific allocation was introduced by the Grand Council last May and the latter had also accepted the amendment modifying the LILJAr when the 2021 budget was adopted to create a fund to receive these amounts. Revision of the law on employment and unemployment insurance The Council of State adopted a report for the attention of the Grand Council on cantonal public employment policy, in support of a draft revision of the law on employment and unemployment insurance (LEmpl). This revision legally anchors the new strategies in terms of professional integration and the fight against abuse that were unanimously approved by the Grand Council in 2016. These strategies formed the foundations of a major reform in the service of employment initiated the same year, the SEMP 2020 reform. Four years later, the strategies are operationalized and the service reform is deployed. The efforts made have produced the expected results and made it possible to face the current crisis on a sound basis. In the years to come, the key challenge will be to support the recovery, so that it benefits as much as possible the entire population and the economic fabric. Information report on the minimum wage In accordance with the powers entrusted to it by regulation, the tripartite “minimum wage” Commission has issued its annual information report on the application of the minimum wage in the Canton of Neuchâtel in 2019. The latter, which is published today on the website of the commission, notes that after more than two years of entry into force of the standards relating to the Neuchâtel minimum wage, they are generally well respected and that no difficulty major application is noted. In the course of 2019, the committee raised a point of attention concerning the problem of “false internships”, which found a regulatory solution on November 4, 2019, when the Council of State followed up on the commission’s proposal to anchor criteria defining the notion of internship to the regulatory level. Rules for Dog Owner Courses (RCC) As part of the development of the Dog Law, the Grand Council decided to introduce compulsory courses for new dog owners. These will begin on January 1, 2021. In a regulation adopted today, the Council of State set the framework for this new provision. Only educators authorized by the Consumer Affairs and Veterinary Affairs (SCAV) service will be able to provide the courses. The training will last a total of 8 hours, divided into 2 hours of theory and 6 hours of practical work with the dog. The main objective of these courses is a successful integration of the dog into life in society. They will focus on raising owners’ awareness of public safety (reduction of bites and attacks), cohabitation in society (education, collection of dirt), protection of animals (well-being of the dog and respect for its needs), animal health (vaccines, basic care) and behavior in nature and towards herds. A detailed presentation of the courses will be available early next year. Appointment of the new cantonal forest engineer Mr. Pierre Alfter, 50, has been appointed as a cantonal forest engineer within the wildlife, forests and nature service (SFFN). His appointment is scheduled for April 1, 2021. Mr. Alfter is currently in charge of topics related to forestry and the adaptation of forests to climate change in the Forests division of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN ). He has already worked with the State of Neuchâtel for more than eight years, notably as a cantonal forest manager. Holder of an EPFZ forest engineer diploma and endowed with solid experience, Mr. Alfter can demonstrate very broad skills in the field of forestry, project management and team management. Resident in the canton since his early youth, he has an excellent knowledge of the forest heritage of Neuchâtel. Soon at the head of the forestry section and its 26 employees, Mr. Alfter will be responsible for ensuring the proper management of public and private forests in the canton. One of its main tasks will be to prepare the forestry of tomorrow to meet the challenges of climate change. Renovation of cycle 3 The Council of State adopted an information report for the attention of the Grand Council in response to postulate 17.124. The latter had been submitted following the abolition of the cantonal examinations at the end of 8th and 9th years in the spring of 2017. The purpose of this report is to provide additional answers to report 19.108 “Renovation of cycle 3”, adopted by the Council of State on June 24, 2019, thus meeting the expectations of postulate 17.124, the classification of which it proposes. Response to recommendation 20.178 On September 30, 2020, the Grand Council accepted the recommendation of the PopVertsSol, liberal-radical, UDC and Vert’libéral-PDC groups “Egalitarian communication during cantonal elections”. Without calling into question the form of the proposed ballots, its authors invited the Council of State to set up without delay a commission representing the political parties of the canton to support it in the implementation of this new democratic tool from the cantonal elections of 2021. The State Chancellery thus met the representatives of the political groups represented on the Grand Council. The consensus reached consists of a presentation of the official detailed information of the candidates on the website of the State, in addition to the more succinct information appearing on the ballots for the election of the Grand Council. Protection of monuments and sites: decision to take an inventory The Council of State has listed the peasant house located at Vers-chez-le-Bois 4 in Travers, whose heritage qualities derive in particular from its size and its architecture, with high cantilevered row and limestone frames on the south facade. Protection of monuments and sites: definitive subsidy The Council of State granted a definitive subsidy in the amount of 29,322 francs to the Fondation de Préfargier for the restoration work of the boat shed built in wood at the end of the 19th century or at the start of the 20th century, very carefully crafted, located in the large park of the Préfargier site in Marin-Epagnier. The Council of State has awarded the attorney’s certificate to: Mrs. Aliénor Anaïs Marie Bossard, holder of a master’s degree in law, born September 22, 1990, from France;
Mrs Mariette Geiser, holder of a master’s degree in law, born October 28, 1992, from Langenthal (BE);
Mr. Pascal Queloz, holder of a university master’s degree in law, born June 5, 1992, from Saint-Brais (JU);
Mr. Bruno Alexandre Lisboa Ramos, holder of a master’s degree in law, born June 2, 1994, from Le Locle (NE);
Mr. Simon Varin, holder of a master’s degree in law, born January 13, 1993, from Clos du Doubs (JU). EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect. MIL Translation OSI