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Source: US Republican Governors Association

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Right Direction Wisconsin PAC, an affiliate of the Republican Governors Association (RGA), today released a new TV and digital ad featuring Tony Evers as the Grinch Governor who tried to steal the Christmas spirit from the Wisconsin State Capitol.

The TV ad titled “Grinch” will run in several media markets across Wisconsin and during Christmas programs/movies this week leading up to Christmas. The TV ad highlights Grinch Governor Evers’ multiple attempts to steal the Christmas spirit from inside the Capitol.

Watch the ad that will be running across TV stations in Wisconsin at:

When defending his actions to remove the Christmas trees, Grinch Governor Evers offered no good reason for trying to cancel these symbols of the Christmas season. The Grinch Governor blamed the cancelation of the annual tradition of having a Christmas tree in the Capitol on a failure of others to secure permits. Even on their second endeavor, GOP state representatives were denied when applying for a permit, and thus in an act of peaceful protest an artificial tree was placed in the rotunda. The artificial tree requires no cost or maintenance to the state and in support of the effort, ornaments from across the country have flooded in to be displayed on the tree.

“Rather than spreading hope and joy during such a trying time and turbulent year, Grinch Governor Evers decided to steal the Christmas spirit from the Wisconsin State Capitol,” said RGA Deputy Communications Director Mike Demkiw. “Evers’ actions and deeds of putting an end to a hundred-year tradition of displaying a Christmas tree in the State Capitol makes him well deserving of a lump of coal in his stocking.”

Script for “Grinch”:

It was Christmas time in Wisconsin and the people were excited.
But Governor Tony Evers wanted the season to be blighted.

He removed the Christmas trees in the Capitol, not once but twice.
Everyone was shocked by his actions, even the mice.

He took down the ornaments, the tinsels and lights.
Governor Evers just didn’t seem to care if he trampled on people’s rights.

Governor Evers said no, no, no, they could not celebrate.
There would be severe consequences if they did not cooperate.

Through his actions and deeds Governor Evers tried to ruin the season.
He just shut it down. He didn’t have a good reason.

But the people ignored him and were full of Christmas cheers.
As they knew that Governor Evers would be voted out of office in just two years.