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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (8th District of Illinois)

We have a solemn obligation to protect our environment and to take a sustainable approach to managing our natural resources. As the former president of a solar technology company, I know firsthand that the preservation of our air, water, and wildlife for future generations is not only a moral imperative, but also an economic necessity. I’m dedicated to a comprehensive approach to protecting our environment and supporting our economy at every level.

In our region, I’ve consistently supported efforts to remove pollution from the Great Lakes and prevent future degradation to our air and water. I’m opposed to any effort to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency and roll back the protections in the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act.

I’ve also been outspoken in my defense of the Region 5 Environmental Protection Agency office which is based in Chicago and oversees environmental protection in our region. Earlier this year, the Trump Administration considered abolishing the department, and firing all its environmental experts along the way. I joined with my colleagues and environmental advocates from the region to prevent this, and I’m glad to know the Region 5 office is still monitoring and addressing public health and environmental challenges in our area.

At the global level, President Trump’s most significant environmental policy was withdrawing our country from the commitments we made in the Paris Agreement on climate change. I believe the President’s decision was an enormous mistake, and I spoke out in support of staying in the Paris Agreement as an environmental and economic necessity for our country. That’s why the first legislation I introduced in Congress was a resolution calling for the US to stay in the Paris Agreement and to continue our environmental and economic leadership on the world stage instead of yielding it to China and other nations.

While the administration continues to roll back public health and environmental protections, I remain committed to developing the green economy and embracing its potential to create jobs and protect our environment.