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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman Anthony Brindisi (NY-22)

December 21, 2020

Press Release

Congressman Stands With Ilion Workers

Congressman Anthony Brindisi issued the following statement after being alerted of union busting activities from the new owners of Remington Arms, Roundhill Corporation. Employees, terminated by old Remington, are receiving offers from the new owners that go after the rights and benefits that United Mine Workers Association (UMWA) Local 717 collectively bargained for during negotiations.

“The hardworking union members in Ilion make a quality product and deserve a quality wage and their union-negotiated benefits. These attempts by new Remington to bust the union and deny these men and women their benefits is unacceptable. Remington Arms is an iconic brand and that reputation comes directly from the good-work of their union employees. To see the suits at New Remington and their allies try to bust the union that is the heart and soul of Ilion is despicable. It underscores the greed and shortsightedness that caused plant shutdowns even as gun sales boomed. There are clear sides in this fight, you’re either with the workers or the union busting owners. I stand with the workers of UMWA Local 717 and they have my full support in this fight.”

Earlier this year, Brindisi stood with Remington workers at an informational picket in Ilion. Brindisi demanded a National Labor Relations Board investigation of the former owners of Remington Arms termination of employees.