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State of Vaud

Posted on December 21, 2020



The State of Vaud, the City of Lausanne, the Public Transport of the Lausanne region (tl) and the Lausanne Economic Actors have reached an agreement allowing an alternative accessibility to downtown Lausanne without the Vigie-Gonin ramp and preserving the Flon forest. This new agreement, after that with the economic and associative circles of Flon, seals a broad consensus in favor of the rapid construction of the new Lausanne tram.

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Following the desire announced last February to preserve the Flon forest by finding an alternative to the Vigie-Gonin ramp, a road object associated with the construction of the Lausanne-Renens tramway, the cantonal and municipal authorities, as well as the tl negotiated a amendment to the convention on the “Vigie-Gonin” ramp with Lausanne economic players (Société Coopérative des Commerçants Lausannois; Trade Club Vaud; Gastro Lausanne; Association des hôteliers de Lausanne et environs; Association des traders de la rue Centrale; Association des Commerçants from the top of Petit-Chêne). Its objective is to guarantee the performance of tramways and high-level service buses (BRTs) while allowing multimodal accessibility to the city center.

The main measures of the amendment to the Convention:

– To ensure that customers and other TIM users arrive in the city center, the necessary measures will be taken to allow access to the various car parks in the city center from the existing junctions or to create the Lausanne motorway belt.

– Access to car parks in central Lausanne will be made easier by eliminating the Chauderon-Vigie left-turn movement, improving the fluidity of the Chauderon-Sud intersection.

– The Sévelin-Tivoli left-turn movement for users coming from the north-west of the city, introduced in 2014, will remain possible.

– Signage will be consolidated to facilitate access to downtown car parks.

– To concretely support access to Lausanne businesses, and promote the use of public transport, the City of Lausanne will make available on Saturdays a preferential offer combining parking in Lausanne’s P + Rs and the use of public transport for a price not exceeding 9 francs 90.

– Multimodal accessibility to the center of Lausanne will be reinforced by the reintroduction of a “straight ahead” preselection at the avenue de Provence – avenue de Tivoli crossroads, while maintaining and securing the cycle route carried out in summer 2020.

– These accesses make it possible, like the construction of the tramway and the BRTs, as well as the removal of the Crissier bottleneck and the construction of new junctions in the West of Lausanne, to concretize the principles of accessibility defined in the urban planning of the PALM (Lausanne-Morges agglomeration project), supported by the Council of State. They also make it possible to respect the hierarchy of the road network to allow the arrival in the center of Lausanne.

A “logistics flow monitoring” working group, led by the City of Lausanne and in which economic players will be represented, will support all of the work. It will make it possible to find satisfactory solutions for accessing shops and guaranteeing deliveries during the major projects that the city of Lausanne will experience in the coming decade.

Provided that these provisions are respected, the signatory economic players are in favor of the alternative to the Vigie-Gonin ramp project and undertake not to formulate any objections when it is put to public inquiry in the months to come. come.

All of the leading players are satisfied with the results of these initiatives, which allow us to take a new step towards the realization and construction of future tramways and BRTs. As in other European cities, the return of the tram to the center of Lausanne will boost businesses while greatly improving the mobility of all residents. The authorities recall the importance of local commerce for the life of the city and encourage everyone to shop in local businesses during this end of the year period.

State of Vaud Information and Communication Office


DIRH, Nuria Gorrite, State Councilor,021 316 70 01
Florence Germond, City Councilor for Finance and Mobility, City of Lausanne,021 315 72 01
Philippe Bovet, vice-president of the Cooperative Society of Lausanne Traders,078 825 06 46
Pascal Vandenberghe, President of the Trade Club Vaud,079 474 81 17
Samuel Barbou, project director, public transport in the Lausanne region tl,076 357 04 99


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