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ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE GUT, INCLUDING MENTAL HEALTH – And Other Spooky Health Stories that Contradict Everything you have Learned 

Digestive health influences a lot more than physical health. In fact, Australian businessman, family man and now author, Ross Wilkinson, has just discovered it also improves your mental health.

Mr Wilkinson has just published a book called Kick Depression in the Guts, candidly sharing how he alleviated his own depression by improving his gut health, and during his research, found out a lot of useful, albeit controversial, health facts too.

Digestive Health

The right probiotic and prebiotic mix created for you by a naturopath is crucial. Here is why: serotonin (the feel-good neurotransmitter) is made by beneficial bacteria that are stored in your gut.  If you don’t have enough of these bacteria, it is likely you may suffer from depression. The purpose of the probiotic and prebiotic mix is to restore enough of the good bacteria to avoid this from happening, or to reverse it if it has already happened and you suffer from depression.


Salt is extremely common on the earth’s surface, and it is also important to our health.  We should aim to consume about two teaspoons every day (around 10g). In fact, scientists suggest we add salt to our food because it’s a natural antidepressant.


Every cell in your body is reliant on cholesterol to make the cell wall. Your brain is made from fat mostly and much of that fat is cholesterol. Do you want to interfere with making brain cells? It took 30 years before we were warned that anti-cholesterol drugs may cause memory loss, forgetfulness and confusion, and provide those who take it a 40% higher chance of getting diabetes. High cholesterol may kill you in 40 years. Low cholesterol will kill you tomorrow.


Be thoughtful about how much sun you actually receive. Recently, we have had the dangers of skin cancer drilled into our brains, but now we are experiencing the opposite effect – vitamin D deficiency. Ensure you are getting some sunshine frequently.


There are over 200 medicines approved for use in the USA that list depression as a possible side effect of that medicine. At the time of publication, 1/3 of the US population were taking one or more of those medicines. Hallucinations, suicidal ideation, bad dreams, neurological disturbances, anxiety, psychosis, black box warnings (the highest warning given to any drugs in the US).  Sometimes these side effects occur whilst taking the drug. Sometimes they don’t show up for months after taking the drug, or even years. Could we possibly be over-medicated and over supplemented with depression as one of the side effects?   In fact, maybe cholesterol lowering drugs don’t cause depression on their own, maybe they need help from Paracetamol or antibiotics or synthetic vitamins, or all of them, to get the job done.


Consider your water supply. Have mineral water when you can. Mr Wilkinson suggests a lot of us are deficient in in all kinds of minerals today because we don’t drink mineralized water. And by over-drinking water, we are continuously flushing important minerals out of our systems.


Be careful of vitamins. Firstly, very little of a vitamin tablet actually contains vitamins. The majority of the tablet is often made up of ‘fillers,’ that you may even be allergic to. The majority of shelf vitamins are synthetically made in a laboratory. Usually you are better off with vitamins in food; the way we were meant to consume them.  


Try eat like your grandparents ate. In the recent years, various companies have created a lot of harmful supplements, poisons and things you really don’t need and shouldn’t have in your digestive system. Consume unprocessed food like grass-fed meat, organic vegetables and tree-ripened fruit. Limit fast food and do as much home preparation as you can (then you know exactly what goes into each meal).

Mr Wilkinson, an avid skier and kite surfer who lives with his family on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, had always suspected that his mental illness was caused by a missing vitamin, mineral or natural factor amiss in his diet. It turned out gut health was the key for him, and as he says “I’m not that special, I would suspect this is the root cause for many others too.”

“You wouldn’t think that an Engineer like myself could turn a subject like mental health into more of a comedic, adventure tale, but this is what I have been told I was successful at doing in my book. I talk to my readers like I would with two mates over a beer, but then of course I back it all up with thoroughly researched scientific studies, anecdotes, historical facts and the evolutionary processes at play. In other words, it’s an entertaining, thought provoking read,” Mr Wilkinson remarks.

For those without mental health concerns right now, there are plenty of fun facts and spooky stories that may help you avoid mental health problems in the future, while enhancing your physical health along the way.

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