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Source: Republic of Greece – Foreign Affairs

Greece welcomes the release of eighteen fishermen, including a number of Italians, who were detained in Libya since last September.
On the instructions of Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, the Foreign Ministry took on a mediating role and was in close contact with both sides over the past three months in order to ensure a positive outcome of this humanitarian issue.
In this context, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias sent a letter to Field Marshal Haftar, stressing, among other things, that Greece wishes to see the establishment – with the assistance of the other states in the wider neighbourhood – of a region of peace and stability, based on good neighbourly relations and full respect for International Law.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs also stressed that countries such as Greece, Italy and Libya, as neighbouring countries with historical ties, must set the example of harmonious coexistence in a turbulent region. In this context, he concluded, disputes should be resolved peacefully, through dialogue.
Earlier today, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio sent a message to his Greek counterpart, expressing his appreciation for Greece’s generous support and stressed, among other things, that the fishermen will now be able to celebrate Christmas with their families.

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