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“Germany as a peace power”, “Germany as a pillar of multilateralism” – with these words UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres paid tribute to the Federal Republic. In a speech to the German Bundestag Guterres said: “The world needs Germany – just as Germany needs the world.” He named the corona pandemic, the threatened world peace and the climate emergency as the greatest international challenges at the moment.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, UN Secretary General Guterres spoke to the members of the Bundestag – in German. He was invited by Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble, who called the founding of the United Nations after the Second World War a courageous step. She has given the world an instrument to make it more civil, to secure lasting peace and to give international cooperation a stable framework.

“In times of globalization everything is related to everything”

Often times, however, good intentions rub against earthly realities, said Schäuble. Nevertheless, the United Nations are indispensable. The rule of thumb is that the international community can only act if its members are ready to take responsibility not only for themselves but for everyone. “Because in times of globalization everything is related to everything,” he emphasized. The corona pandemic teaches this in a painful way.

Not only the corona pandemic and its consequences, but also climate changes and the associated famines show us the increasing interdependence of the world. Schäuble demands that we remember “that we can only solve these challenges together as a world.”

– CDU / CSU (@cducsubt) December 18, 2020

Pandemic has exposed fault lines

Guterres also said: “The pandemic has exposed deep weaknesses and fault lines.” These and other global challenges require a global solution. Cosmopolitanism is the prerequisite for a successful future. In this context, the UN Secretary General spoke out sharply against the increase in agitation, anti-Semitism, Islamophobic fanaticism and other forms of discrimination, which in some parts of the world are also directed against Christian minorities. He also denounced the tendency towards isolation, a departure from the values ​​of the Enlightenment and increasing irrationality.

For @antonioguterres, 2020 is a year in which we were put to the test like never before: “The #pandemic has exposed deep fault lines”. The weakest in the world in particular often suffer the most. Despite all the worry, he also saw hope.

– CDU / CSU (@cducsubt) December 18, 2020

Praise for Merkel

He praised Germany for its exemplary commitment to global health issues in general and the efforts to contain the corona pandemic in particular. He emphasized that the German government had also recognized the role of the World Health Organization. He expressed his “deep appreciation” for the “level-headed, steadfast, compassionate and wise directing hand with which Chancellor Merkel and her government operate”.

“A vaccine that belongs to the people”

He also paid tribute to the founders of the biotechnology company BioNTech, who, together with the US company Pfizer, developed the corona vaccine, which was the first to be approved worldwide. The challenge now is to ensure that this and other vaccines are seen as a global public good and are both accessible and affordable everywhere: “A vaccine that belongs to the people,” Guterres said. In this context, he criticized populism, anti-science and conspiracy theories: “We must also go against the virus of misinformation.”

Germany an indispensable partner

With a view to wars, crises and conflicts around the world, Guterres emphasized Germany’s role as “an indispensable partner in peacekeeping, peacebuilding and in the provision of life-saving humanitarian aid”. In particular, he named the German commitment in Afghanistan, the Sahel region and eastern Ukraine. He also referred to Germany’s aid to the people in Syria and its neighboring countries, as well as the generous reception of refugees from Syria and other countries.

“Suicidal War Against Nature”

Guterres emphatically addressed the problem of climate change. “The greatest long-term threat to our security does not come from wars that are waged on the battlefield, but from the suicidal war against nature.” Germany is a driving force in the fight against global warming. “Others must follow your example and participate in building a global coalition for carbon neutrality,” he demanded.

Supporting UN Secretary General Guterres

Guterres ’appearance in front of the Bundestag underlines the importance of the United Nations as a universally legitimized authority for peaceful coexistence between peoples and for sustainable development, according to the foreign policy spokesman for the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Jürgen Hardt. “As the German Bundestag, we want to support the General Secretary,” explained Hardt. “Together with him and the UN organizations, we want to work towards further strengthening the international rule-based order.” As an internationally interlinked country, Germany has a core interest in this.

Germany’s temporary membership in the UN Security Council ends

Germany’s two-year membership in the United Nations Security Council ends on December 31. During these two years it has worked with great commitment to strengthen multilateral structures and make them more effective. This is also thanks to Ambassador Christoph Heusgen and his team in New York. Against great resistance, decisive steps were taken to stabilize Libya or to ensure continued humanitarian access to the crisis areas of Syria. This will alleviate the worst hardship on site.

Germany is taking decisive leadership in strengthening the humanitarian organizations under the umbrella of the UN and has established itself as the world’s second largest donor. In addition, it is a trademark of Germany to coined a comprehensive security concept in the UN Security Council. This includes, among other things, the fight against climate change and the outlawing of sexual violence in conflicts. Even after the two years on the Security Council, Germany will continue to be active and committed to strengthening the United Nations, announced Hardt.


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